Entity 38 - "Humanoids"
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An artist's depiction of a Humanoid. Note that is it unfinished.


This page includes suicide. If you are made uncomfortable by this, do not read further.


Entity 38, commonly referred to as Humanoids, are enigmatic yet ironically social Humanoid entities that bear a striking resemblance to humans in various aspects. However, the majority of their physical attributes remain concealed in darkness, as they possess pitch-black skin. Remarkably, these entities invariably exhibit either male or female characteristics. Extensive experimentation conducted by the M.E.G. has determined that the biological gender of a Humanoid can solely be identified through vocal characteristics, height, and bone structure, as they lack any distinguishing features. It is important to note that Humanoids are not genetically related to humans despite their uncanny similarities.

Despite their sociable nature and prevalent presence within the Backrooms, Humanoids remain one of the least explored and most mysterious entities. The multitude of unique variations among them conceals separate enigmas, making it unlikely that we will ever fully unveil the secrets surrounding these entities.

The majority of Humanoid variants display humanitarian tendencies and possess sentience. They exhibit no signs of aggression unless provoked. However, it is essential to acknowledge that not all variants are inherently hospitable. Humanoids demonstrate exceptional proficiency with ranged weapons and possess remarkable combat skills. The precise reason behind their aptitude in combat remains unconfirmed, although researchers speculate that genetic mutations and natural selection in their hostile environment have contributed to this distinct capability. Humanoids harbor an aversion to hostile entities such as Facelings and Skin Stealers, often engaging in recreational killing of these entities.

It is noteworthy that Humanoids universally communicate fluently in English, utilizing various accents ranging from Western to South Asian. The means by which Humanoids acquire fluency in English without external influence is currently undergoing examination but is likely to remain unresolved. In exceptionally rare cases, Humanoids communicate in an unidentified language that remains indecipherable to this day.

Importantly, multiple voice recordings have been retrieved from interactions with these anomalous beings.

Based on the collective records of interactions with non-English-speaking Humanoids, there appears to be a disquieting connection between the disappearance of individuals who have engaged with these unique Humanoid variants. Some researchers have become convinced that an unknown external force is interfering with these interactions, although the debate surrounding this theory remains ongoing. Compounding the suspicion is the fact that all encounters with such Humanoids have culminated in the Humanoids carrying out a brutal and seemingly desperate form of self-inflicted demise. These observations provide further fuel for speculation and investigation into the underlying factors at play.

Habitat(s): Majority of levels

The precise origin of Humanoids remains undisclosed, shrouded in mystery within the realm of the Backrooms. These entities are frequently observed throughout various sectors of the Backrooms, with a notable presence in relatively safer levels, notably Level 1 and Level 4. Humanoids possess the capacity to manifest across an extensive array of levels within the Backrooms. However, it is worth noting that in exceedingly perilous environments, Humanoids are conspicuously absent, their presence being untenable due to the formidable threats posed by resident entities.


Humanoids exhibit an amiable disposition towards humans, often utilizing the term "Brothers" to address them. It is crucial to exercise caution and refrain from inciting these entities, as any form of provocation is likely to elicit a defensive response. Humanoids typically possess physical capabilities comparable to that of an average human and demonstrate a heightened level of intelligence.


The entities referred to as Humanoids exhibit distinct anatomical characteristics that deviate significantly from those of the average human. Notably, they lack internal organs, aside from a bluish brain-like organ situated within their head, as evidenced through autopsy findings. Analysis of their internal composition reveals the presence of red fluids abundant in iron, surpassing the iron content observed in standard human blood, and containing traces of copper. Their skin possesses a light-absorbing property, rendering it visually indistinguishable and presenting a deep black appearance, albeit discernible through tactile means. The surface of a Humanoid's skin exhibits a coarse texture, and their bodily composition contains a lower proportion of water compared to humans. While water remains essential to both Humanoids and wanderers, Humanoids exhibit a decreased water requirement for survival in comparison to humans.

The dental structure of Humanoids is composed of a similar material to that found in human teeth. Notably, Humanoid minors do not undergo tooth loss. The genetic makeup of Humanoids displays exponential mutation rates, leading to the rapid emergence of new variants. However, it is noteworthy that Humanoids lack the capacity to develop immunity to The Disease due to limitations within their immune system's adaptive capabilities.

Humanoid Variants

Variants are classified by the color of their facial features.


White-faced Humanoids represent the most prevalent variant among Humanoids encountered within the Backrooms environment. Their frequency is notably high across Level 1 through Level 5.Despite their physical characteristics being confined to a uniform white expression, these variants exhibit human-like functionalities. Notably, white-faced Humanoids serve as the quintessential embodiment of the Humanoid entity and are hypothesized to not be the very first, but one of the original ancestors of multiple common variants


Red-faced Humanoids exhibit a notable lack of communication with both humans and other entities, including fellow Humanoids. They primarily inhabit sublevels or areas characterized by a high presence of entities. These variants have undergone adaptations to mitigate the inherent dangers of their environments and possess the capacity to guide lost individuals to safety. red-faced Humanoids demonstrate exceptional physical strength, surpassing that of an average human by tenfold. Furthermore, they possess a remarkable ability to perceive their surroundings without any reliance on external illumination. Current consensus holds that these entities are a direct evolutionary offshoot of white-faced Humanoids, prompted by an unidentified catalyst prompting migration and subsequent transformation. Regrettably, limited information exists regarding these variants, as establishing communication with them proves exceedingly challenging.


Yellow-faced Humanoids represent an exceptionally scarce presence within the primary levels, yet they stand out as one of the most resolute variants among Humanoids. Notably, they display a remarkable ability to effectively disregard the influence exerted by Phobic Centipede. Additionally, they have demonstrated survivability in the face of prolonged exposure to the mind-controlling capabilities of the Mother within Level 1.5. The evolutionary factors contributing to the development of this variant to its current state have encompassed encounters with metaphysical entities and exposure to mind-altering environments that may have been inhabited in the past. Notably, the acquisition of this ability from Yellow-faced Humanoids themselves remains unattainable. These variants are exceedingly rare and exhibit an antisocial disposition, resulting in limited available information and an absence of documented records pertaining to verbal interactions. The aforementioned insights have been derived from meticulous long-range observations, as Yellow-faced Humanoids promptly evade human presence upon detection.


Limited knowledge is available regarding blue-faced Humanoids, as their dwindling population currently inhabits Level 6. Communication by blue Humanoids occurs in English, albeit at ultralow frequencies, perceptible to humans solely as low-pitched static. These variants typically exhibit a propensity for frowning, with an anomalous behavior of displaying smiles in response to contracting any form of illness. It is noteworthy that blue-faced Humanoids are twice as susceptible to diseases compared to typical Humanoids. Morphologically, they often manifest as tall and lanky entities, attaining heights reaching up to 10 feet. Despite their imposing physical appearance, documented evidence has revealed no instances of aggressive behavior displayed by this variant of Humanoid.

The reasons underlying the strikingly minimal population of blue-faced Humanoids remain elusive, resisting comprehensive resolution. These variants tend to avoid contact with humans, although interaction may be feasible if consumables are offered to them. While the genetic lineage of blue-faced Humanoids remains uncertain, prevailing theories suggest their potential descent from red-faced Humanoids following an unexplained transition across levels. Researchers have drawn attention to the unsettling resemblance between these variants and the deceased entity known as the late partypoopers. However, thorough investigations have confirmed the absence of any genetic connection between these entities, implying independent evolutionary paths leading to their shared resemblance. The origins and mechanisms driving this convergence continue to elude scientific comprehension, fostering an eerie air of intrigue and enigma surrounding blue-faced Humanoids.


Green-faced Humanoids are exceptional and infrequently encountered variations among Humanoids, possessing the unique capability of traversing between the realm of virtuality and physical reality. Physically, they assume the appearance of a standard Humanoid, with the exception of their green face. yet they possess the ability to render themselves imperceptible while existing within their digital manifestation. These entities exhibit a marked preference for inhabiting electronic devices rather than maintaining a physical presence, potentially driven by a self-preservational instinct.

Remarkably, green-faced Humanoids possess the uncanny capacity to effortlessly circumvent firewalls and digital security barriers, granting them unrestricted access to classified digital documents and confidential information. Over time and through gradual social interactions, these variants can develop amicable associations with individuals, thereby facilitating the exchange of vital information.

However, the population of green-faced Humanoids has experienced a steady decline due to the rise of digital entities. As a consequence, their presence has become increasingly scarce and enigmatic, heightening the sense of unease surrounding their existence.


Turquoise-faced Humanoids, characterized by their tall and slender physique, represent a notable Humanoid variant renowned for their exceptional physical strength, thus earning them the informal moniker of "Steroid Humanoids." In contrast to the sedentary nature of red-faced Humanoids, these individuals are nomadic in nature, perpetually traversing the vast expanse of the Backrooms. Notably sociable, turquoise-faced Humanoids actively engage in reconnaissance and delivery tasks, offering assistance to organizations such as the M.E.G and B.N.T.G.

Based on observations, it is plausible to surmise that turquoise-faced Humanoids trace their lineage back to red-faced variants, as their formidable strength bears resemblance to that of their presumed progenitors.


Subsequent to a pivotal incident, the fundamental nature of these variants underwent an astonishing transformation, rendering their behaviors and capabilities unrecognizable. In response, concerted relocation efforts were initiated, effectively isolating these enigmatic entities in an undisclosed location. Despite persistent endeavors, the legendary variants in question have eluded discovery, shrouded in an impenetrable veil of secrecy.

Following extensive debates, all documentation pertaining to vital information regarding these variants was systematically eradicated or rendered classified, thereby depriving us of any authoritative knowledge concerning their distinctive attributes. What remains unequivocal is the irreversible alteration that transpired, whereby these entities ceased to embody the essence of typical Humanoids, metamorphosing into an altogether different malevolent entity.

The incident itself, a chronicle cloaked in ambiguity, unfolded as a series of events orchestrated by an unidentified collective. This shadowy assembly subjected the variants to an unknown object or entity, precipitating their alarming transformation. Notably, the specifics regarding the nature and origin of this object or entity remain largely veiled in obscurity, contributing to the enigmatic aura surrounding the incident.


Gray-faced Humanoids exhibit a biology identical to that of white-faced Humanoids. However, these particular variants display a distinct set of characteristics, characterized by their aggressive and carnivorous nature, as well as their heightened intelligence compared to standard entities found within the Backrooms. The similarities shared between gray-faced and white-faced Humanoids can often lead to fatal consequences, as the former demonstrates an immediate and relentless propensity to attack upon visual detection. Notably, gray-faced Humanoids possess a physical structure indistinguishable from that of a normal Humanoid.


The static-faced Humanoid exhibits a slightly tall stature and a commanding presence with notable broad shoulders. Their facial expression remains fixed in a perpetual smile, even during verbal communication, while the static patterns adorning their faces remain unchanging and impervious to external factors. These enigmatic variants display significant divergence both mentally and physically from other known Humanoid variations. While fluent in the English language, static-faced Humanoids employ an archaic form of English dialect reminiscent of the linguistic style employed during the era of Shakespeare. This linguistic peculiarity may potentially correlate with their extensive biological age, as discerned through analysis of bodily fluids. The average lifespan of a static-faced Humanoid varies greatly, but is estimated to be aorund 400,000 to 700,000 years. Raising conjecture regarding the existence of distinct ancient Humanoid dialects or possibly an entirely different language altogether. However, concrete evidentiary support for such claims remains absent, given that static-faced Humanoids represent the sole known long-lived variant. Due to absent comparative data from another long-lived Humanoid variant, the true nature of this linguistic phenomenon may remain elusive. Notably, static-faced Humanoids demonstrate a heightened level of sagacity and intelligence, surpassing even that of the partygoers. Despite their imposing appearance, static-faced Humanoids do not display any hostile tendencies. Owing to their elusive nature and declining population, locating these Humanoid variants poses a considerable challenge. Nonetheless, several static-faced Humanoids have been apprehended and subjected to interrogation in order to glean information on their whereabouts. A particular individual of interest is a variant identifying himself as "Arthur" and boasting a remarkable age of 913,549 years. The insights shared by Arthur during these interrogations have elicited concerns among researchers, prompting further scrutiny and introspection into established knowledge. The ensuing section features documented voicelogs obtained from these interrogations.

The prevailing consensus posits that the origins of the static-faced Humanoids can be traced back to localized clusters of matter within the Blue Channel, predating an incident that led to their ingress into the internal environment of the Backrooms. Extensive research suggests that the age of the static-faced Humanoid surpasses that of the conventional white-faced Humanoid, with historical accounts spanning well over a millennium. Speculation among scholars has emerged, contemplating the possibility of the static-faced Humanoid serving as the ancestral precursor to the white-faced variants. However, substantiating evidence to support this supposition remains elusive. In essence, the enigmatic nature of the static-faced Humanoids presents intriguing narratives and captivating tales, captivating the imagination of researchers.


In 1991, the initial encounter with these entities took place on Level 4, involving an engagement between a M.E.G member and a group of Hounds. The entities were observed engaging in combat, utilizing firearms and melee weapons. Reinforcements were dispatched to the location, resulting in the successful neutralization of the Hounds. When questioned about their origin, the leader of the group claimed to have transitioned from another level, although they were unable to recall any details regarding their surroundings. Subsequent to this initial encounter, additional sightings of these Humanoids occurred across various levels, with each entity exhibiting a similar absence of memory regarding their point of origin. Limited further interrogation was conducted in relation to these entities.

The B.D.C.

After the establishment of the B.D.C. (Backrooms Defense Coalition), a notable phenomenon has been observed whereby a growing number of Humanoids seek refuge within its ranks. In reciprocation, these Humanoids actively engage in combat alongside other amicable entities to confront the numerous hostile entities present within the Backrooms. Leveraging their adeptness in firearms and precision aiming, Humanoids often spearhead ranged attacks and execute stealth missions. This contribution has resulted in a steady increase in the presence of Humanoid personnel within the B.D.C., further enhancing its capabilities and effectiveness in countering the threats within the Backrooms.

The "Second Mind" Anomaly

Multiple instances of abnormal behaviors in Humanoids have been meticulously documented, specifically occurring during periods of sleep or while under the influence of substances. It is important to note that these peculiar interactions have been exclusively observed in Humanoids, with a limited occurrence rate involving only 14 individuals.

Stage 1: Host enters unconsciousness.

Upon entering a state of unconsciousness, induced either through natural sleep or the administration of substances, no remarkable anomalies have been observed at this initial stage.

Stage 2: Host exhibits abnormal heartbeat and minor bodily changes.

Subsequent to entering unconsciousness, the host's heartbeat exhibits irregular patterns, deviating from the expected norm by displaying an increased and uneven rhythm. Simultaneously, there are notable pulsations in the vocal cords of the host.

Stage 3: Host engages in bodily movement.

Signs of bodily movement manifest during this stage, initially limited to slight muscular twitches. Over time, the host gradually transitions into more pronounced movements, eventually assuming a seated or standing position.

Stage 4: Host vocalizes in an unknown language.

A noteworthy development occurs as the host begins to communicate in an undocumented language, defying any known linguistic classification within or beyond the Backrooms. The uttered phrases or sentences appear to convey messages or inquiries, yet researchers have been unable to comprehend or decipher their meaning. Intriguingly, upon meticulous examination, it has been discerned that the speech pattern of these incoherent-speaking Humanoids aligns precisely with that of Humanoids engaged in the "Second Mind" Anomaly.

Stage 5: Host returns to unconsciousness.

Approximately 30 minutes subsequent to the initiation of Stage 4, the host collapses, regaining consciousness after a duration of 4-5 hours. Curiously, the host retains no memory of the interaction that transpired, seamlessly resuming their customary life without any further noticeable abnormalities.

These stages outline the distinct progression observed during instances of the "Second Mind" Anomaly in Humanoids. Further research and analysis are imperative to unravel the underlying mechanisms and implications of this perplexing phenomenon.

Additional Info:

  • Humanoids are immune to the effects of firesalt.
  • Faceless Humanoids do not exist.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Initiating social interactions with Humanoids is indeed possible, and they have been known to exhibit civilized behavior. Establishing a friendly connection and fostering a sense of camaraderie with Humanoids is feasible under appropriate circumstances.
  • If an entity approaches without any verbal communication, displaying characteristics that deviate from those of a Humanoid, it is advisable to exercise caution and promptly retreat from the situation. Differentiating between a genuine Humanoid and a potentially hostile entity is crucial for personal safety.
  • In the event that an unintended attack is carried out against a Humanoid without malicious intent, extending a sincere apology is recommended. Humanoids possess a degree of common sense and understanding, and they may be forgiving if they perceive the absence of malicious intent behind the act.


  • Engaging in a physical altercation with a Humanoid, whether for amusement or with malicious intent, will provoke a defensive response from the entity. Humanoids possess the capacity to retaliate in such situations.
  • In encounters involving an aggravated Humanoid armed with firearms, it is advised to prioritize evasive action rather than engaging in a confrontation. These entities demonstrate exceptional marksmanship, and any attempts to resist or flee may result in immediate fatality.
  • Introducing a substance known as Memory Juice to a Humanoid's consumption can have distressing consequences. When a Humanoid is fed this substance, a painful transformation occurs, leading to their transmogrification into aggressive entities reminiscent of the infamous Smiler. Caution is strongly advised when considering such actions, as they can have dire implications.

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