Entity 38 - "Watchers"
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Entity Number: 38

Habitat - Majority


The Watchers are strange Entities, that are usually are found in areas with pitch black darkness. It is highly advised to turn away, and keep from making any sort of visual contact, and always have Almond Water equipped. Once a Wanderer notices the Entities, the Wanderer will start to have their sanity drained, and the Watchers usually laugh, to increase the sanity effect, at this point, it is very easy to turn into an Insanity. If a light is shined on them, they will instantly disappear.


Watchers are strangely passive, and do not attack, but they are still dangerous. They are given the name 'Watchers', as when the look at you, they reduce and feed off of your sanity. With these Entities, bringing Almond Water, is great to help your sanity. These Entities seem to disappear when a light source is shined on them. So always find a way to shine light on these creatures, or stop looking at them, and run. These Entities are very easy to ignore, if you are not afraid of them.


These Entities are usually in large groups, and usually cluster themselves, while hunting. No one knows what these Entities look like, as they usually wander around pitch black darkness, all you can see is their glowing white eyes. So it's unclear as what their biology is like.


How this Entity was found, is when a Wanderer posted on our Database about a strange Entity that he said was watching the user everywhere they go. The M.E.G. Team "Wild Warriors" was sent out to find this Entity in Level 1 where it was reported. The Team defeated the Entities when a Member of the Team 'Mark', accidentally shined his flashlight over the cluster of Watchers, and saved the Team Member 'Joseph', from the Entities sanity draining effect.

Do's and Dont's:


  • Shine your light on these Entities to insure survival.
  • Always carry Almond Water to help your sanity.
  • Be Brave, and not fear these Entities.


  • Don't Be afraid of these Entities.

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