Entity 365 - "Sightless Seers"
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HABITAT(S): N/A 365?

Habitat(s): Level 365 and beyond

The true habitat of Sightless Seers is a realm within or beyond the mirrors. Although they are exclusively encountered on Level 365, Sightless Seers do not live there.


Sketch of a Sightless Seer
M.E.G. Archives


The Sightless Seer resembles a glowing, slowly-flying jellyfish that glimmers like an electric oil slick. Almost transparent, they radiate optical explosions of blues and greens as they float elegantly and silently through the air. Their disc-shaped body is estimated to measure up to eight centimeters (or three inches) in diameter. The arms and tentacles stretch out to nearly fourteen centimeters. For all the bone-chilling accounts that it is infamous for, the Seer can easily fit inside a coffee cup.

Don't let their size and appearance fool you. While Seers appear as diminutive and gossamer creatures, they are both relentless and invulnerable to physical attacks. Striking any Sightless Seer with a metal weapon invites electrocution. Even though they appear aquatic, they have a strong aversion to liquids.


Almost all of the behaviors exhibited by Sightless Seers occur in their realm behind the mirrors and away from prying eyes. We only see the tragic results of what happens after the Seer enters Level 365; after its main meal of negative energy is finished and it's time for "dessert." Thanks to paranormal scholar and psychic Anne Dunne and her study of Level 365 survivors, we can surmise a more complete picture.

Sightless Seers are physically blind. Psychic links with prey enable the Seers to "see" using the mind of their victim. Seeing means feeding.

Wanderers are snared when they first notice their reflection acting independently. This is the equivalent of a mouse nibbling the cheese on a mousetrap. Snap! A psychic link is established and the Seer gets to work. The entity uses Psychic Attachments and Psychic Implants to attack its victim on an astral level. These metaphysical weapons accelerate the process of poisoning physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The Seer continues to generate increasingly negative hallucinations in the mirrors to terrorize and crush the human spirit. They feed on an ongoing banquet of negative emotions.

As pessimism ultimately weakens the psyche of the wanderer, the Sightless Seer gobbles up energy. Finally at full power, it has the strength to come through the looking glass and manifest in the Backrooms. Seers can only pass through mirrors. Not walls. Not doors. Like a fish out of water, their time on our side of the glass is very limited. "Dessert" is the soul of the victim. Seers wouldn't physically enter Level 365 at all except for the fact that this vital essence can only be devoured by direct contact.

IMPORTANT: It is confirmed that Sightless Seers and Phobic Centipedes are currently engaged in mutualism for the benefit of both species. The result of this mutualistic relationship is too gruesome for words. Led to one scene by the sound of horrific screams, four M.E.G. officers from team "Looking Glass" discovered a maimed wanderer in the clutches of a Phobic Centipede, with the Seer enjoying its terrorized meal.

Efforts are under way to lessen the numbers of phobic centipedes, though it is uncertain how fruitful they will be.

Thomas Oliver Greer
M.E.G. Team "Looking Glass"


Sightless Seers are powerful creatures whose molecular and biological composition have baffled researchers time and time again. While they are most definitely corporeal, researchers theorize that a quirk in their molecular structure allows them to behave in a way that defies the general laws of physics. Their selective intangibility with mirrors can be accounted for with this theory, though researchers are still not sure as to how these beings can traverse to a realm that is not our own, nor do they know what lies there.

It is unknown how Sightless Seers function as a whole; preliminary research shows that they lack any form of conventional organs which other physical lifeforms depend upon to survive. Research is ongoing, though the current hypothesis suggests that the way in which they function is simply undeterminable with the means currently at our disposal.


Presumed lost, M.E.G. recruit J.J. Jordan was discovered alive when her fellow recruit and roommate Kris McKenna no-clipped to Level 365 while examining a nondescript table mirror found among Jordan's personal effects. This easel back, brass-framed mirror is currently one of two mirrors that M.E.G. employs to consistently no-clip to Level 365.

"I found J.J. in a fetal position on the floor, moaning and screaming in agony, as this little jellyfish thing flickered and touched her face," Kris McKenna wrote. "The entity looked so delicate and fragile. Unbelievably, striking this creature with my machete was like hitting an anvil. As a last resort, I doused it with water from my canteen and it slowly retreated through a mirror like a ghost. We found our way back and J.J. recovered."

Coffee, Tea or Sightless Seer

There is a perfect reason why Sightless Seers do not flutter en masse through the mirrors and establish a thriving colony. The Backrooms is toxic to them. Seers continuously lose life energy here until they return to their world.

If good fortune favors the prey, and the wanderer no-clips to safety or takes sanctuary in a well-stocked elevator, the tide turns. The Seer can lose enough energy to make returning through any mirror impossible. It will eventually wither and die. The tiny corpse becomes cloudy and brittle.

There are human factions that grind dead Seers into powder and add them to boiling water. The benefits of this beverage are a closely guarded secret.

Anne Dunne
M.E.G. Team "Looking Glass"

An Informal Observation

As a man of science "trapped" in the Backrooms, I must confess what an amazing opportunity this is. We are examining a reality beyond reality and a place where time and space act differently. Subjectively speaking, I never want to leave.

My most recent exploration involves the "Sightless Seers" of Level 365. I begin by examining the anecdotal evidence given by survivors. Most of this evidence is supplied by researcher Anne Dunne. Her investigations, given the subject matter, are quite adequate.

Equipped with these testimonies, I develop and map out a short and circular route with the assistance of the M. E. G. This repetitive path will include passing enough mirrors to trigger a predator/prey link and maintain a flow of negative emotions. The original idea is to not stray too far from the no-clip entry point and a nearby elevator that will be constantly stocked with water and food. The negativity will provide a cumulative energy source for the Seer, but the elevator will offer solace and a chance to recover my bearings.

I underestimated how much pain I would truly undergo.

The Seer finally emerges through the mirror directly before me. It is the living embodiment of magnificence; with beautiful colors too vivid for this world. So small. So graceful. So much love. It is now inches from my face and everything changes. I feel like a mouse staring at a snake. I can't move!

It touches my lips and I kiss Death.

May I never suffer this much ever again.

Out of nowhere, Anne Dunne intervenes with containers of water and saves me.

Science will argue over the definition of the soul, though now I am certain that it exists, and that if sufficient damage is dealt to it, it never heals from its wounds. I learned this all too late in my life.

A person can physically lose an arm or leg, but the soul still remains intact. Dunne explains, however, that when Seers attack, the soul is damaged forever, even if the physical body looks to be unharmed.

Dr. John Rhinehart, PhD

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Keep hydrated and remain calm.
  • Touch all mirrors for a chance to no-clip to safety.
  • Enter every elevator to rest and check for supplies, messages, and maps.
  • Maintain humor and positive attitude.


  • Physically attack the Seer, especially with metal weapons.
  • Stare at the mirrors.
  • Dwell on negative thoughts.
  • Fall victim to hopelessness and despair.

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