Entity 36 - "Lighter"
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Entity Number: 36

Habitat Level 0

Survival Tips: As of now, there is no proper way to survive this Entity, besides running, until it loses you.

Description: A Lighter is a extremely rare Entity, and has been described as a very bright type of organism that will make the viewer be blind in a minute pretty much easily. Normally it’s speed is the same as an average human's, and if you go near it you will feel heat until you ignite and vaporize entirely only if you touch/make contact with it. To outrun it, you will need to just run and run at random areas until you lost it, as the Lighters have a very small limit on stamina, (only 30 meters can be ran by this entity) as long as you lost with it, you are safe.

Additional Info:

  • At 2nd of February 2014, a report was sent to the FBI clearly by an unknown user for a missing person, the unknown talked about a young girl lost called "Amelia", age 10 and race Hispanic.
  • After a few days, the unknown now revealed that it was her mother and wanted to talk/get a meeting with any other agents, she was talking about her child contacting through landline and calling her mother, Amelia said that her left arm was completely vaporized off and was in nowhere in fact, her mother demanded for her location but Amelia responded with "A pretty strange place, I think I've accidentally tripped into something and ended up on this place that stinks, it looks like a maze but I came across with a very bring thing.", then the call ended, mainly because she might be busy, or her 10 minutes was done.
  • Another trapped person (Kyle) was trying to take a photo of that one entity (He didn't post the image), after photographing it he now saw that the lighter was expanding, burning the walls and revealing a sort of dark matter when the floor burned, it looked like a void, since Kyle was kenophobic (fear of voids) he just freaked out and stayed hundreds of meters away from it, the time of what that happened was unknown.
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