Entity 35 - "Light Guides"
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Two instances of Light Guides

Entity Number: 35

Habitat(s): Majority of Levels, Notably Level 4, Level 6, and Level 263


Light Guides are infinitely small points that radiate light, forming an orb-like appearance, similar to a singularity. They are quite rare to come across, but when found, can lead wanderers towards supplies and help them avoid dangerous entities. They can move freely, being able to change direction at will, and are also able to phase through walls. They appear and disappear at random intervals, but can seemingly control when this occurs.


Light Guides are docile entities and no signs of hostility have ever been documented. They have rudimentary communication, being able to move around in a dance-like fashion and changing colors. When two or more entities come across each other, they will all work together in aiding a wanderer. They commonly lead wanderers to sources of Almond Water and other vital supplies. They seemingly have awareness of the location of other entities, and aid in helping travelers avoid them. They appear to have knowledge and sight of things beyond human comprehension due to their nigh-omniscient knowledge of the level they are currently in.


Light Guides are infinitely small singularities of pure light, apparently spherical, ranging in size between 5-15 centimeters. It is impossible to kill a Light Guide, as they can phase through any and all objects.


Light Guides have been reported to exist as long as the Backrooms themselves. The first encounter with this entity was in Level 4, with it leading a group of travelers to a crate of supplies. They are found in most levels but are most commonly found in Level -0, Level 4, and Level 6.

Notebook Page from Within Level 2:

What was that thing? These fairy glowy things, orbs of some kind showed up out of nowhere. Out of every oddity found within the purgatory of existence this is the one time I was actually helped by something. It led me to other survivors, other people, finally. It don't know who what that thing was but I owe my life to it. I asked the other survivors if they have seen anything like this and told me I was hallucinating. I saw, no, I KNOW these things are real. That ball of light, as dumb as this sounds, may very well be the last time I am shown any compassion. I don't know what those things are, angels perhaps? Whatever they are, I sincerely thank them.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Follow the Light Guides.


  • Do not attempt to physically attack them, they will not retaliate but it seemingly bothers them.
  • Do not steer off the path, you are receiving guidance.

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