Entity 332 - "Constructors"
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The three "Constructors" that arrived in Level 11.

Entity Number: 332

Habitat(s): Unknown


Entity 332, or the "Constructors" as they introduced themselves, were 3 entities who showed up in Level 11 one day without warning before disappearing a few days later. They were humanoid creatures who were around 3 feet tall (0.9m), and had skin that felt like it was made of some sort of stone. They all wore white suits of various styles, and two of them had golden caps; they almost looked like garden gnomes.

The three of them refused to talk very much about where exactly they came from, but they claimed to be representatives of "Vermont McAlpine & Sons Construction Company", which they said was a subsidiary of the "Backrooms Remodeling Company", handing out business cards which were blank but for the company name scrawled in smudged black ink (they apologized for the quality, saying that "the printer was broken"). When asked, they asserted that their reasoning for coming to the level was for "consumer satisfaction surveys". They handed out quite of few of these surveys to people at the scene, the transcript of one of which can be found below:


Please respond to this survey as truthfully and honestly as possible. Vermont McAlpine & Sons Construction Company values your answers very deeply.

How interested would you be in the following locations?
Very Uninterested Uninterested Neutral Interested Very Interested
Forest O O O O O
Dessert1 O O O O O
Forest O O O O O
City O O O O O
Office Building O O O O O
Snow O O O O O
Boiler Room O O O O O
Moon O O O O O
Void O O O O O
Cave O O O O O
Hospital O O O O O
Hallway O O O O O
Store O O O O O
Caverns O O O O O
Field O O O O O
School O O O O O
Pit O O O O O
Temple O O O O O
Fog O O O O O
Hell O O O O O
Anime Convention O O O O O
Casino O O O O O
Vomitorium O O O O O
Engine O O O O O
Forest O O O O O


Are there any additional locations that you feel would be important to include in future surveys?

Thank you for your time.


Interviewer: Solomon Myers
Interviewed: The three "Constructors" who identified themselves as "Dakota", "Rhode" and "Quebec".
Forward: This interview was conducted at M.E.G. Base Beta shortly after the Constructors' arrival, with the objective in mind of determining their intentions and where they came from.

<Begin Log>

Solomon Myers: You said earlier that you're representatives of the "Vermont McAlpine & Sons Construction Company". Can you tell us more about what the company does?

Rhode: S—

Dakota: Sure— Oh, sorry.

Rhode: No, you go ahead.

Dakota: Nah, it's—

Quebec: We do construction.

Solomon Myers: I see, and what exactly do you construct?

Rhode: Oh, well we—

[Quebec can be heard lightly smacking Rhode over the head]

Quebec: That's private information.

Rhode: Oh yeah…

Solomon Myers: Why did you come to Level 11?

Dakota: To survey a focus group.

Solomon Myers: Survey for what exactly?

Quebec: To determine what our customers want.

Solomon Myers: I see… And, can you describe your home level?

Rhode: Level?

Dakota: A b—

Quebec: I'm afraid the location of Vermont McAlpine & Sons HQ has to be kept secret.

<End Log>

Do's And Don'ts


  • Fill out their surveys.
  • Speak nicely to them.


  • Inquire about the details of their company3.

Far away, a new level begins to take shape out of the void. Dozens of Constructors scurry around quickly measuring and remeasuring, making sure everything is exactly how it should be as the infinite dirt plain builds upon itself. Trees sprout from the ground; mountains rise; seas form, crashing into the shore; and stars are placed in the sky, their faraway light illuminating the many hands which mold the level below.

By morning it will be done. What took seven days on earth, they do in a single night. Dawn breaks, and the new level's inhabitants begin to howl, the memories that reside in their small minds carefully crafted to make them believe they have always been. The Constructors finally retreat back into the void. Their work here is done.

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