Entity 326
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Entity Number: 326


A picture of Entity 326 from a rare explorer encounter.

Habitat(s): large amounts of children’s toys

Levels Include:

Level 151, Level 331


Entity 326, also referred to as "Cuddlemares", are rare entities that have been roughly described as thick, dark tentacles with crimson tips surrounding a mist-like, spherical center. Entity 326 is known to be within the vicinity of toys when physically seen. Entity 326's rarity has led to many theories among researchers of the M.E.G.; most of these theories agree that Entity 326 is always hiding from predators. However, these theories are currently unconfirmed.

Entity 326 has 3 separate forms.


Natural Form:

Entity 326's Natural Form are non-aggressive, timid entities that are known to run away from hostile entities if spotted. Entity 326 is physically intangible and appears to be physically distorted when looked at in any visual medium including pictures and paintings. The visual effects of Entity 326 cannot be undone once the photo or painting is produced.

The anomalous effects of Entity 326 have led to much speculation as to why this entity carries these traits. The most popular theory explaining these traits is referred to as "Entity 326 Theory-A." and was made by Dr. Ashley K. of the M.E.G.

Entity 326 Theory-A

Author: Dr. Ashley K.


While it may seem like the anomalies of Entity 326 are completely random, it's very likely these entities somehow evolved to have these anomalies. Take, for instance, its intangibility; due to the harmless nature of Entity 326 in this form, it's likely this entity evolved to have intangibility to avoid any harm from possible predators. Even if the entity gets found, the other, more hostile entities still would not be able to touch it. Its second anomaly also seems to attest that this entity's anomalies are simply to avoid possible predators. Its second ability allows it to hide predators by keeping itself and its surroundings obscured by visual stimuli. This allows it to safely hide away without any problems, allowing it to be safe from any possible harm.


A picture of Entity 326's "Metamorphic Form" taken from a wanderer encounter.

Metamorphic Form:

Entity 326's Metamorphic Form is often described by wanderers as a large, black ball made from an unidentified material. It is visible to the human eye, unlike its natural form counterpart. It should be noted, however, that the entity and everything around it will appear distorted in any visual medium. The Metamorphic Form of the Cuddlemares is only seen after a transformation caused by the Natural Form grabbing the closest toy. Following that, it appears to expel a black, unidentifiable liquid with tar-like qualities. It expels the liquid in a spherical shape around its body and the toy, forming a type of shell with tar-like qualities.

Possessed Form

The Possessed Form is the final form that Entity 326 takes and is said to be the least complicated due to its biology. In comparison to its previous forms, the Possessed Form is more aggressive, territorial, and has been known to be hostile. Entity 326's Possessed Form can be seen visually in all mediums; as a result of this abnormality, researching this form is significantly easier than researching other forms.

When the Possessed Form is significantly injured, the entity appears to eject mist from its body; it is to be noted that all sighted occurrences of this anomaly taking place has resulted in the Possessed Form returning to its Natural Form.


Entity 326's Natural Form is docile and cannot attack due to intangibility. It is speculated that Entity 326's docile nature is due to its inability to attack. Entity 326 has also displayed that it is capable of intelligence. At one point, one of them tried communicating with a wanderer seemingly by making drawings on the walls in currently unknown symbols to no avail.

On August 14th, 2022, an entity researcher working for the M.E.G. known as Dr. Ashley K. experimented with the intelligence of Entity 326.

Entity 326's Metamorphic Form is usually inanimate, with two exceptions on rare occasions. On one of said occasions, Entity 326's shell gains arm-like and hand-like appendages that will try to grab inanimate objects and use them to help the transformation process. The other rare occasion occurs during the period when the Metamorphic Form changes to the Possessed Form when the Metamorphic Form starts shaking. After approximately 30 minutes of shaking, the shell will start cracking and breaking.

Entity 326's Possessed Form's behavior can differ depending on several factors. One factor that can affect Entity 326's behavior can be seen when the Possessed Form comes out of its shell. The Possessed Form creates a den-like structure in dark areas, where it stays in for long periods, and does not show aggression until something steps inside the den or provokes Entity 326. It is possible to calm down the Possessed Form with Almond Water.

One thing wanderers should note is the toys the Metamorphic Form uses for transformation can affect the behaviors of Entity 326. On one occurrence, Entity 326 sought out water when it used a toy boat for its transformation.


The physical biology of Entity 326's Natural Form is for the most part unknown due to Entity 326 not being tangible; however, based on its appearance, it is theorized that the entity is made from a goo-based substance, allowing it the ability to be malleable.

The Metamorphic Form is surrounded by a carapace-like shell that has very similar properties to tar. The shell is, however, much more durable than tar; it has been rumored that these shells are impervious to infiltration due to the mysterious material it consists of.

On October 15th, 2022, Dr. Ashley K. of the M.E.G. attempted an experiment to see if these rumors were true.

What is in the shell of Entity 326 during its Metamorphic Form is currently being debated by researchers working for the M.E.G.

The Possessed Form's biology is influenced based on the toys taken in during the transformation process. These toys determine the physical shape the Possessed Form will take. Additionally, the toys taken affect the physical material the body is made from. Entity 326 has two organ-like structures spread throughout the body. The first of which is described as a vein-like structure that is spread throughout the body; it is presumed that these structures are similar to muscles and help the entity control its body. The other organ-like structure can be spectated via an opening that all possessed forms of Entity 326 share; this structure is speculated by members of the M.E.G. to be Entity 326's brain.


The first Cuddlemare was first discovered on March 26, 2022, pictures were later given to the M.E.G. However, the first picture sent was first thought to be some sort of art piece. This was later put to rest when they were sent a message from the person who took the photo. They eventually found the wanderer that took it, a man named Michael A. Lee, who was later given an interview by Dr. Ashley K.

M.E.G. Discovery Interview

Interviewer: Dr. Ashley K.
Interviewee: Michael A. Lee
Date: March 26, 2022, 6:10 PM

<Start Interview>

Ashley: Hello Michael, I'm sure you're aware of why we called you in today.
Michael: Well, I'm guessing it has something to do with the picture I took?
Ashley: Well, yes actually, we believe what you found was an entity previously undiscovered; especially where you found it. We weren't even aware another entity existed on the level.
Michael: Yeah, I know- that's why I took a picture of it, duh.
Ashley: If I may ask, what did it look like? The picture you sent looked- kind of blurred, were you running? Or, maybe shaking?
Michael: No… I'm not even sure why but like- when I looked at it, it looked like a blur. I ain't sure why- it's kind of weird but at this point, I've seen weirder. Especially in this… Hellscape of a place.
Ashley: Yes… well while you're here, could you describe a little bit of what happened?
Michael: Well, basically, I was in level… umm- I'm not even sure. All I know was that it looked like this weird as-hell, house- with like a bunch of weird dolls and stuff.
Ashley: Yes, Level 151, the Dollhouse.
Michael: Yeah, come to think of it; it was kind of like a dollhouse.
Ashley: Can you describe what you thought you took a picture of?
Michael: Hmm, well it looked kinda- I don't know… freaky? Like an octopus in its ink- or something like that. Like- tentacles kinda oh- and it also seemed really scared, or maybe excited, or angry; could also be that.
Ashley: How could you tell it was any of those things if you could barely see this thing?
Michael: I can't really explain it but it was like- all over the place. It was running, or what I thought was running back and forth. Now, this thing tried to smack me and I was incredibly nervous, and then- nothing. I'm pretty sure it went right through me; although, I can't be sure.
Ashley: Did anything else happen?
Michael: Well, after some time it like spat out this really weird black stuff; I was pretty uncomfortable looking at it.
Ashley: Hmmm, did the "black stuff" do anything?
Michael: Yeah, it turned into a huge black ball thing; I was pretty confused.
Ashley: Interesting, from what I'm aware of, you were in there for an hour looking at it; so did the black ball do anything other than sit?
Michael: Uhm, I remember it growling, and then a bright light appeared before the ball cracked. Gotta say that freaked me out, I bolted for well- anywhere but where the ball was.
Ashley: Did you see anything else happen to the ball?
Michael: Hell no, this place has nearly killed me way too many times for me to trust whatever was going on. I can't even trust windows without fearing for my life, and that's… a scary thought. Not being able to trust anything is very scary.
Ashley: Yeah… thank you for your time today Michael.

<End Interview>

Do's and Don'ts


  • Avoid its Possessed Form.
  • Avoid its den.


  • Provoke its Possessed Form.
  • Go into the Possessed Form's den without Almond Water.
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