Entity 31 - "Camo Crawlers"
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Entity Number: 31

Habitat - Level 61, Majority


These creatures are strange humanoid monstrosities, with four arms with a grayish-brown color when in a normal state. These creatures have huge blind white eyes, instead using their hearing to hunt and attack wanderers. They possess the ability to change their outward texture to blend into their surroundings, staying perfectly still. They usually hunt in packs. These creatures are also very intelligent, and will help each other when another is in danger.


With these entities, it's best to make as little noise as possible, as they can only sense sounds and they cannot see with their eyes. Make sure there are no strange humanoid features on the walls, ceiling, or floors, as it could be a possible Camo Crawler. Throwing an object may buy you enough time to escape.


This entity's skin is very dry and crusty, and will be gray or brown in its neutral state, some will have fur. These entities have four arms, and are very strong, and intelligent. The entities have pincers on their mouths similar to insects. Most of these features will not be seen normally, as they use their camouflage abilities to blend in with the walls, floors, and ceilings of the Level they are in.


These creatures are rare, and are hard to find. They were originally found in "Level 61", but after their discovery, they have started to appear in multiple levels. They were discovered when The M.E.G. Team "Compass Point" went too far in Level 61.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Stay as quiet as possible, as they use their hearing to sense you.
  • Throw objects, as this will cause them to get distracted for a short amount of time.
  • If you see strange entity-like features on a surface, please walk away quietly.


  • Don't panic and make noises.
  • Do not inspect a strange entity-like detail on a surface.

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