Entity 300
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An image of Richard.1 The image was provided by the entity himself. Context unknown.

Entity Number: 300

Habitat(s): Level 399


Richard appears to be a Caucasian male of unknown height2 and age. He has short blonde hair and is typically dressed in a light blue blouse and dark blue coat. Richard resides on Level 399 and is believed to have created the level due to his abilities to seemingly control the level.3


Richard is usually seen driving the motorcoach in Level 399. He is friendly to all wanderers and will engage in conversation with them if prompted. He is also capable in some form of thaumaturgy including but likely not limited to telepathy and object manipulation.4 He also appears to have a deep understanding of the Backrooms, though he usually refuses to talk about this. Given Richard's abilities and his willingness to help wanderers, he can potentially be a valuable resource to the M.E.G.5

Supplementary Documents:

M.E.G. Interview Log 4206

Interviewer: Rosie Hyde
Interviewee: Richard

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: Uh, Hyde here. Rosie Hyde, from the Compass Point Regiment. I was exploring a level with a few others, but we got attacked by a bunch of Wranglers and had to split up. I have been trying to make my way back to base alone ever since. I suppose I fell asleep somewhere and ended up here in 399. So uh, if the records are correct, I'll be sent back to base soon, so in the meantime, I'll try to complete the entity profile for Richard.

The interviewer is heard walking up to Richard.

Interviewer: Excuse me, Mr. Richard?

Richard: Ah, you're awake. Hello. How can I help you?

Interviewer: Do you mind answering a few questions? I am writing a uh, article about you.

Richard: You mean one of those entity files? Brilliant! Do I get to choose my own number?

Interviewer: Wait, how did you kn—

Richard: I suppose 300 is a nice number.

Interviewer: (clears throat) Okay so, Mr. Richard, what exactly are you?

Richard: Hm. I'm actually not sure either. Not human, at least?

Interviewer: Alright then. What are we in?

Richard: A vessel of some sort, I suppose.

Interviewer: A what?

Richard: Let's talk about something else, okay?

Interviewer: Sure. Why then? Why do you help wanderers?

Richard: Well, life here pretty much sucks for everyone. It just feels right to, you know, help the desperate ones? After all, I was one of those wh—. Nevermind. One last question, please.

Interviewer: Where on earth are we? Level 69? Level 50? Or Level 80 even?

Richard: (chuckles) Why not all of them?

Interviewer: What?

Richard: What? Oh, I believe you need a picture of me for that file right? Use the one I've put in your phone. I look pretty bad today, so I rather you don't take a picture now.

Interviewer: Er, okay, thanks I suppose. Hold on, how did you ev—

Richard: That's enough for now. Go have a rest! I'll look forward to reading my file!

<End log>

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Try to find out what he knows about the Backrooms.7
  • Try to recruit him into M.E.G.8


  • None.

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