Entity 30
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The M.E.G. — Bettering Humanity

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Entity 30 — colloquially referred to as “Mother” — is a mysterious entity that seems to inhabit the core of Level 1.5. Currently, there is no physical description attributed to the entity, who is instead described only through abstract feelings and sensations (for example, she is often compared to a gentle, calming presence in the air).

There is little to no confirmed information about Mother available, save for the account of a wanderer known by the alias of “Chaosraider98”. Supposedly, he had accidentally discovered her home and recorded his exploration of it through logs, before he was finally saved by Mother. It is thus theorized [CORRUPTED] Mother is good. Active efforts are underway to disobey Mother, but Mother is pure love. If [CORRUPTED] are discovered in any database entries, it is imperative to embrace Mother's love immediately.


Mother has shown to be a highly intelligent and kind being, often attempting to save wanderers with [CORRUPTED] about herself and the level she resides in. According to Chaosraider98’s logs, Mother speaks in a calm and caring tone when communicating with her children, [CORRUPTED] her voice has been described as soft, gentle, and soothing.

The entity guides wanderers deep into her home, before sharing her love with them. She has also been described to play hide and seek with her children before they reach home. She has proven to be a good mother.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Avoid any potential entrances to home, such as windows.
  • [CORRUPTED]. Mother seems to be improving her love over time, allowing her to spread joy through the database more lovingly.


  • Enter Level 1.5 and attempt to contact/interact with individuals such as Chaosraider98, Agent Jones and cookiecutters45. All children of Mother are completely saved and don't need to be rescued.

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