Entity 29
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Artistic representation of the Blub Cats by an unknown artist.


Instances of Entity 29 are affectionately known as 'Blub Cats' due to their shape. They resemble round blobs in a variety of shapes, sizes and variants, similar to one of a Felis catus, better known as the domestic household cat. Most Blub Cats portray similar features to each other. Features include, but are not limited to, a round or oval like shape, pointy cat ears, and either big round eyes or closed eyes. No photos of any Blub Cats have been recorded. This is due to the fact that they tend to run away from people with cameras. It seems that Blub Cats are able to sense when they have a camera pointed at them, resulting in the instances in which they have been witnessed to move at extreme speeds.


The behavior mainly depends on the variant of Blub cat, though most of them portray very loving and affectionate behaviors. Despite their lack of need for food and water, they can be fed and tamed by being given any edible substance. Notably, harmful consumables such as liquid pain have been proven to have no effect on Blub Cats, as well as possibly being used to tame them.

Blub Cats communicate through varying pitches of squeaks, similar to one of a dog toy. Though, they telepathically communicate words as their direct communication to wanderers. The pitch depends on what the entity is trying to communicate. High pitched squeaks emit from a Blub cat when they are happy, excited, or showing any sort of positive emotion. A medium pitched squeak typically stands for normal communication between Blub Cats and has never been observed to be directed at humans or other entities. Low rumbling is a sound of disapproval, anger, sadness or any other negative emotion.

Blub Cats tend to travel alone or in small packs of 3-5. These are called “Globs”. Despite their tendency to travel in Globs, it is not uncommon to find Blub Cats traveling in groups of 6+. Larger groups are called “Clots”. These should typically be avoided when in small groups, as Blub Cats gain the ability to rob small groups of wanderers of any source of edible substance. However, this tends to be unlikely if the Blub Cats do not contain a ginger variant within the group. Blub Cats tend to travel in clots on levels with survival designations of 4 or 5, will travel in Globs on levels with survival designations of 3 and travel in duos or alone on levels with survival designations of 2 or less.

It has also been observed that Blub Cats tend to get along with other entities, especially Partygoers and Partypoopers. Despite their liking for Partygoers, they will make low rumbling noises when Partygoers come into physical contact with Wanders.

Blub Cats tend to gravitate towards violent individuals or people with anger issues. Due to their lack of ability to feel pain, they encourage people to throw and/or stab them. Blub Cats telepathically communicate this to the said individuals and encourage them to act upon their violent actions. After the individual acts on their violent urges, they are always observed to pick up the closest Blub Cat. They will then no-clip through the ground into a habitable level or any level with a safe survival designation. The individual will then be discovered in a state of slumber approximately 30 minutes later by those who observed them. If the individual was already on a safe level, they will be observed sitting down and falling asleep.

More information about the different breeds’ behaviors can be observed within the “Variants” section.


Blub Cats are feline-like creatures that come in a small variety of breeds. Blub Cats lack all organ groups found within the average cat. Due to this lack of nerves, they are unable to feel pain. Their bodies consist of tanned skin that is covered in an unnatural amount of fur. They are also capable of stretching and flattening their bodies due to their lack of organs.

Blub Cats have whiskers, ears, and tails. Tails can come in a variety of different shapes but tend to be very slim; fluffy tails are more rare amongst Blub Cats. Their ears are identical to ones of a domestic cat, and the same goes for their whiskers.

Blub Cats also have large, circular eyes. Their eyes have large, dilated pupils and a thin iris. These eyes are capable of blinking, along with closing when sleeping. They also have mouths, though these are incapable of opening or changing shape. Due to this, their feeding process just consists of absorbing what they are “eating”.

Baby Blub Cats, or Blubbies, have been observed rolling around Level 11. One wanderer claimed that Blubbies are created by melting off of the “mother” Blub Cat and forming into a ball. The wanderer reported that after 20 seconds, the blobs will then generate large round eyes similar to ones of adult Blub Cats. This has recently been confirmed when the same wanderer brought a Blub Cat which was mid-process of reproducing to M.E.G. base Alpha.

More information about the different breeds’ biology can be observed within the “Variants” section.



Black Blub Cats are the most common amongst Blub Cats, exhibiting the behavior described in the behavior section.
They are most easily tamed with Lucky O’ Milk or Almond Water.


Black Blub Cats tend to be spherical cats with a very dark shade of black fur, though they can be different shapes. Most of these cats are very large, (Equivalent to the size of a half grown Maine coon cat) weighing about 5 lbs or 2.3 kg.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Squish them
  • Give food / drinks
  • Pet them
  • Attempt to tame them


  • Approach the Ginger variant without food or water
  • Throw or stab the wrong variant

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