Entity 28 - "The Denizens"
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Entity Number: 28

Habitat(s): Level 1.5

The Denizens are the major, if not only, inhabitants of Sub-Level 1.5, encountered first and only by u/Chaosraider98 from Reddit. These creatures are reported lurking mainly around the shallower regions of the sub-level, and seem to urge explorers to avoid the deeper regions as they do, although few do roam the depths of the sub-level.


These creatures do not currently have any documented physical description. The only individual who has encountered them, u/Chaosraider98, did not recount any visual encounters, only auditory ones. The closest thing to a physical description given was when the explorer reached into the "darkness" that radiates from the light bulbs in the level, he felt something of a sentient emptiness that latched on to him and gave chase for days. Regarding auditory descriptions, these creatures are always whispering something, beckoning explorers to come to them, to avoid certain areas. It is unsure whether these are friendly entities warning of dangers, or dangerous entities like the one that chased the explorer. It is possible that Denizens can be either benevolent and malevolent, though it is unsure how this comes to be.

Akin to the "backwards" nature of the inverted level, the Denizens are heard louder when farther away, and quieter when closer. At their quietest and closest, such as when u/Chaosraider98 was being closely pursued by one of the Denizens, all that can be heard is a faint whisper in one's ear, a breath on the back of one's neck. These entities will also communicate in a backwards fashion similar to the explorer's earlier logs, likely a result from the fractured nature of time and space in the level.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Run when you hear quiet whispering, or loud whispering getting quieter. Your objective is to hear the constant whispering at a loud volume.
  • Keep moving, keep searching for an exit. The longer you stay still, the more likely it is these entities will find you and chase you to inescapable regions of Level 1.5.


  • Do not attempt to contact these creatures. Upon contact, it is believed that they will "latch" on to some aspect of the individual and give chase for days on end. It will take a very long time to lose the hunter, and based on accounts it is likely that the Denizen will chase the explorer until they reach the "core" of Level 1.5, in which the entity "Mother" lives.
  • Panic. Panic will lead you to run haphazardly, which can increase your odds of making it deeper into the level. There is no known exit, but it is known that Denizens can chase explorers towards inescapable areas of the level.

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