Entity 28
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Our Hotel is perfect for all kinds of needs!

Entity 28- The Spokeslady

Habitat: The Hotel

Spokeslady begins yet another wonderful day of much entertainment in the hotel. She picks up her fresh new pile of handmade posters, meaning to show the greatness of the hotel, approaches the wall of her office, and drops them all in the correct burrows on the ground. Burrow A goes to Habitable Zone, Burrow B goes to The Endless City and so on. That is the routine she follows every day. While the posters fall, ready to invite more guests, she thinks of how many new people the staff will welcome in the hotel that day. It makes her the happiest lady in the whole world.

All the posters have been shipped! It's time to send off my little bunnies to meet our curious future guests. Oh! Then I definitely have to compose a new jingle! So much to do, so little time! It will be a packed day!

What am I doing? This isn't right…

She hurries around her office, while she puts together all the supplies needed. Her usual multitasking could begin. She brainstorms a new jingle for their newest radio project while drawing a brand new set of posters, far more welcoming than the last ones. She needs to showcase as many of the hotel's qualities as possible. The jingle needed to be catchy too. She needs to create more of her mechanical bunnies to invite people into the rabbit hole. She can't get distracted. Work, work, work!

Terror Hotel~ Let me bring you there, mademoiselle! Hm… no. Terror Hotel~ The hotel with the best personnel! That's the one! Let me add some more glitter and colors here… La la laaa. That's a good melody; maybe it needs to be a bit quicker, with some piano notes as well. Oh, I have to hurry! The new guests are here!

No, no, no, no! Not again…

She quickly finishes her stack of posters, putting them away for later, then Immediately hops outside to greet the new guests, ready to tell them all the great things about the hotel. Right in front of her are five confused humans requiring her guidance. Her colleagues will show them their true hospitality later. All she has to do is ramble like she does so well. She turns on her voicebox and begins her performance.

"Greetings! Welcome to the Terror Hotel! I'm the Spokeslady and the one who knows it best. Ask me anything! I know just the best places to visit and the best activities to do here! Remember to enjoy your stay, and don't you run so soon!"

Run away! You're going to die if you stay here, just like me!

One of the wanderers raises their hands. The play is in its first act. The questions twirl out of their mouths as she goes around them like a delicate ballerina.

"Is this place as dangerous as the previous levels?" They say.

Of course it is! Don't listen to me!

The first will become a tasty meal.

"You’re new around here, aren’t you? Well, dear sir, it’s not dangerous at all! This place has one purpose: to make you enjoy your stay, far from the horrors you saw in the other realms."

Pirouette, then a jump. The second will be neatly cleaned up and put away.

"I heard someone say the food is made of body parts!"

They feast on all those who die here.

Another jump. The third will wander too far and be put right where they need to be.

"Not at all, my dear lady! Our food is of the best quality! Some people are just ungrateful for what we do for them! How cruel of them to lie in such a way!"

Turn and spin. The act continues, but it'll end soon. The fourth will stay put and do as told.

"Join me, my guests! Join me to visit all that is good about the Terror Hotel. See the truth with your own eyes!"

Why can't I stop?

She bowed gleefully and offered her hand. The fifth will become part of their joyful personnel, and she can't help but feel her heart burn with enthusiasm.

"Won't you take a look to deny your doubts?"


They agree with her like mindless lambs. The act ends just as intended.

"I guess it would be a great place to stay in!" They shout and joyfully rush inside. How happy she is to have brought more guests to the hotel. The others would be proud.

They're going to kill all of you!

She wants to do this all over again. More guests will come soon, but she never gets tired. By now, some new unfortunate souls are chasing her mechanical bunnies, being lured to the hotel, while others have already been brought there by the posters she sent earlier. Soon, she will be broadcasting the greatness of the hotel throughout the whole Backrooms, each day gathering more clients than the last.

Run rabbit, run rabbit, run run run!

She thinks of her favorite melody as she makes the walk back to her office. The routine continues. The five wanderers are close enough to experience the true comfort of the hotel, and the Spokeslady is ecstatic about it. She knows Chef will cook roasted meat tonight to celebrate, just like how he cooked her when she first joined, while the Gentleman will be more than pleased to welcome another member.

She only joined recently, but she's already so hardworking. It's such a shame her brain is now like splattered worthless meat, only allowing a fraction of the insight she used to bear. She could do so much more if she wasn't so out of her head.

When she enters the office, she is pleasantly surprised to see her boss waiting for her, showcasing a pleased grin. He must be there to congratulate her for being such a diligent worker. Why else would he look so delighted? The Spokeslady turns her voicebox on and greets him gleefully with a bow.

"Greetings boss. What's the reason for your visit? Do you have more chores for little ol' me?"

Stay away from me! Stay away!

"Ah, my dear. I'm simply here to congratulate you for all your hard work at the hotel. You've only joined recently, and you've already shown a great deal of skill. I will have to admit I am pleasantly impressed."

The gentleman lightly invites her to stand close to him, near the desk of her office, with a slow gesture of his hand. The Spokeslady gladly complies, always happy to please the Hotel and its owner.

"You flatter me, boss. I just do my best for this job. I will always be grateful for having given me such an opportunity to work in your hotel. Your words move my heart dearly."

You destroyed me. How could you have done that?! How could you?! You liar! You manipulator! We had an agreement! I fulfilled my part!

He laughs politely as he places his hands on her small shoulders, his deep green eyes staring right into her.

He's staring right at my soul. I can feel him. Please, kill me for real this time. End my suffering.

"But you see, that's not the only reason why I came here. I need a bit of help identifying a guest, but Concierge is busy and cannot help me right now. Would you mind taking a look at a photo to see if you've seen them around? That would be very helpful of you."

His tone is gentle and charismatic, almost resembling a pleasant melody. The Spokeslady will do anything to assist her troubled boss. How could she ever refuse such a kind and light-hearted request?

"Of course, boss. Could I see the picture of the guest? I have a good memory regarding those who enter our hotel!"

He swiftly places a small photograph in her hands. As the Spokeslady starts observing it, she starts to recall the guest's features as being… Familiar. Oh, so familiar. Brown hair, brown eyes, and detective attire.

Let me out. Let me out. Give me back my body.

"Hmm… Allow me a few minutes to think, boss. I greeted so many clients today, so it may take a while for me to remember."

Why are you doing this to me? Why? Why? Give me back my body. Please. Let me out of this prison.

Her boss continues smiling as usual, as he keeps his hands behind his back. He's observing her, awaiting any sign of enlightenment or more appearing in her eyes.

"Of course, take your time. Look at our guest thoroughly. Does her face not look familiar to you?"

I hate you. I hate you so much. I can't do anything. I'm trapped. I can't get out. Please let me out.

A faint glimpse of memory surfaced in the back of her mind. The figure looked so familiar to her, but whatever it was disappeared just as quickly as it came. It wasn't a precise feeling, so she merely shrugged it off. After several more minutes, the Spokeslady solemnly shakes her head. Sometimes her memory does bad tricks on her and creates nonexistent familiarity in her. What a shame.

"Unfortunately, I have not seen her before, boss. It seems that I must have been busy when she checked in. My deepest apologies!"

My face… My body… It's all gone. Who am I now? Who am I?

"That's a shame, my dear. But it's not your fault. It's easy to miss out on certain guests sometimes. I will simply ask the others. Thank you for your time."

You are the Devil. You are evil incarnate.

The Gentleman lightly patted her shoulder before leaving through the door, still retaining his usual benevolent expression. The Spokeslady joyfully thinks of how he requested her help first there. She is so happy that her boss trusts her so greatly.

I am a murderer. A murderer just like him.

Without anything else distracting her, the Spokeslady turns on the radio in her office and continues her infinite routine once more. She is the happiest lady in the whole world.

What have I done?

Do's and Dont's:


  • I should write another song about our boss! Now I remember.
  • Adding to that, I must not forget about our new logo design.
  • I also have to retrieve a stack of papers from Concierge!


  • Think about how the woman in the picture was so familiar. Familiarity is a danger to most! Brown hair, brown eyes—who even was that? Certainly not me. It wasn't me.
  • Focus on my itchy, pained throat. It's a distraction.
  • Remember.
  • Please God, kill me.

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