Entity 25 - "Sark Crabs"
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Drawn recreation of a Sark Crab.

Entity Number: 25

Habitat: Majority (Highest concentrations are in Level 134 and levels accessible from there, though they seem to have found their ways into most levels.)


Sark Crabs are virtually identical to normal crabs, though they have exhibited strange traits not seen in other species. The best Frontrooms equivalent of these creatures would be the Tasmanian giant crab, which are large, red-colored crabs, averaging at about 17.6kg in weight. There are reports of them growing bigger, but due to the tall-tale lifestyle of those that discovered these creatures it can be assumed these are just rumors.


Sark Crabs are best known as pests that steal anything they can carry. Due to the large size of their claws and the surprising strength exhibited by the creature, next to nothing is safe from their clutches. Sark Crabs are able to scale any walls or ceilings, similar to how a normal crab would climb things underwater and have been known to randomly disappear. Whether this is caused simply by the crabs accidentally entering another level or if it's an ability the crab has is unknown, though the behavior has been recorded by many.

Sark Crabs are noted to be incredibly violent, though it's most regularly only recorded for these creatures to attack when their loot stashes are approached. Instances of Sark Crabs attacking other entities have been noted, and Sark Crabs typically win in terms of damage sustained1.


As far as we know, they don't have any physical differences to their real-world counterparts that were mentioned previously. Most captured Sark Crabs averaged at around 17 kilograms, and the main body usually measured at around 46 centimetres. One notable difference would be that every Sark Crab recorded or captured exhibit the trait of having one over-sized claw, regardless of being a male or female crab. This can either mean that all Sark Crabs are male or that the Sark Crabs have the male traits regardless of the crab's sex.


These crabs were first discovered by The Captain's Crew on Level 134, though despite the nuisance posed by these creatures, the Crew treats them fondly. It appears that the Crew has found measures to avoid being harmed by the Sark Crabs2.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Keep a safe distance.
  • If a Sark Crab is attempting to steal an item of yours, throw something less valuable that's shiny— the crabs find more value in shinier objects for some reason.


  • Approach random loot piles
  • Underestimate them based on this article. It's just a fact that it's difficult to express the size and power of these crabs here, but the Sark Crabs are not cute or friendly. They can take off minor limbs such as fingers and toes and will not hesitate to do so.

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