Entity 25 - "Plague Goblins"
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An anonymous field sketch of two Plague Goblins.

Entity Number: 25

Habitat: Majority


Plague Goblins, named after their superficial resemblance to medieval plague doctors are small, elusive, feline-avian entities that scurry about the Backrooms. They are opportunistic pack-based foragers that while usually timid and inoffensive, can be a major nuisance for explorers, especially those who travel alone.


Plague Goblins' behaviors vary depending on their environment, but naturally they are cautious yet opportunistic creatures. Scavenging on whatever they find lying about from food, scraps of wood and metal, supplies, and sometimes even bones and body parts of deceased explorers and entities. These are stashed away in the Plague Goblin's cloak and seemingly disappear without a trace, regardless of the size and weight of the said object. Once areas have been cleared, they move on in search of new foraging locations. Alone Plague Goblin will usually flee at the sight of humans or entities, it's not uncommon for a group to try and steal from unsuspecting explorers when given the chance (particularly those traveling alone, weak, or old). These groups typically range from 9 to 27 members and are referred to as a swindle.

Swindles of Plague Goblins will appear within an entry point, most preferably ones situated away from hostile entities within an area of approximately 200-500m. The swindles are divided into three castes, each with its own distinct role and function; The scouts, the henchmen, and the gatekeepers.


Plague Goblins are cat-sized semi-bipedal entities that resemble a cross between a bird and mammal, weighing 8-17lbs (3.6-7.7kg) on average. Females are generally larger than males but are visually identical otherwise. Soft, black, insulating fur-like feathers cover the entity's body. Their scaly limbs sport strong dexterous talons for climbing, holding objects, and defending themselves. Beneath the mask is a corvid-like beak full of razor-sharp serrated teeth. The eyes are enormous and very reflective, with a bright yellow shimmer in the dark. They sport two long, thin, tufted ears used to detect sound to communicate.

Despite their mammalian appearance, the Plague Goblins' internal structure is identical to birds. Traits include air sacs attached to the lungs, a crop and gizzard, hollow bones, and a small keel. This allows Plague Goblins to run at incredibly high speeds over long distances. While measurements have been difficult, the highest speed ever recorded was 52mph (84kmph). This combined with their agility makes them one of the most elusive entities in the Backrooms. If killed, the meat and organs are clean and palatable and can be safely eaten raw or cooked.

A unique trait of Plague Goblins is their ability to consume any form of organic matter. Diets consist of mold, corpses, prepared foods, candies, plant matter, and deceased entities. Plague Goblins appear to be immune to psychological anomalies on most levels. This allows them to colonize levels otherwise uninhabitable for humans.


Plague Goblins are found throughout much of the Backrooms, however, the origins of their discovery are very spotty. The oldest documents possibly describing the entities come from a journal left by an anonymous explorer from 2005 mentioning "pint-sized plague doctors" frequently harassing them.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Keep all supplies, (especially food, almond water, and tools), close at hand at all times when not traveling.
  • If you find signs of a nest and have nothing to trade, leave from where you came.
  • Trade almond water and food if approached.
  • Shout and wave your arms if cornered, Plague Goblins are very skittish.
  • If the attack persists, injuring/killing an individual entity isn't particularly difficult and will often send a pack into retreat. They will not return, so don't bother following.
  • Try to rescue endangered goblins when you can.
  • Killing a Hound or just carrying Hound parts is highly recommended when negotiating with them.


  • Leave supplies out of reach or otherwise exposed, especially those with a strong scent.
  • Attack or otherwise provoke a nest, you will never win the fight.
  • Attempt to remove a live Plague Goblin's mask or cloak.
  • Make sudden movements or unadvertised loud noises when trying to approach them.
  • Show them damaged remains of their own kind, this includes masks.
  • Give them weapons of any kind, especially firearms.
  • Insult or attempt to taunt them, this WILL provoke a violent response.

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