Entity 24 - "Death Rats"
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Entity Number: 24

Habitat - Majority of Levels


Death Rats are Entities that can be found in various Levels of The Backrooms. With each population being unique depending on the Level it's on (Example: There is a species of Death Rat that is hairless to better cope with the hot temperature of Level 2). They seem to have inhabited the Backrooms for many years, starting out as normal rats and slowly changing to better suit their climate.


Death Rats vary in abilities, as they evolve their bodies and abilities to adapt to various Levels. (Example: In most levels like Level 1, the Entities seem to have this "Screaming Event". On rare occasions, you can hear screaming, not from people, but from Rats chasing other Entities. Lights will flicker during this event, until the Death Rat stops or the Entity is terminated.) There are many other types of special Death Rat, but most Death Rats are harmless and can be a food source if your willing to eat one. Somehow. However, some species are very dangerous and will even set traps for you. They are smarter than you think.


The biology of Death Rats depend on the Level they inhabit, but some Death Rats can look very similar. The most common form looks like a normal house rat, with a long body, and black fur. They also have strange brown horns coming out of their head, that has a red glow on the tips. Most Death Rats have a diet consisting of Male Deathmoths and Mold, although most of them can hunt and kill other Entities (see 'Screaming Event' mentioned above).


It is unknown how these Entities were discovered, but a group known as The Lost referenced them as 'The Forever Changing Rodents' in their ancient texts.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Most are harmless, but it's best to avoid them just in case.


  • Do not try to aggravate them, it is unknown what they will do.

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