Entity 232 - "Drowners"
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Entity Number: 232

Habitat: Flooded, oceanic, or water logged areas.



A rare picture of a Drowner out of water. The location and photographer are unknown.

Entity 232, or Drowners, often lurk in watery areas such as those found in Level 230, Level 34, and Level 43. The most distinctive feature of a Drowner is their weathered yellow raincoat, always with the hood pulled over their head. They have never been seen without this coat. Additionally, they wear black rubber boots and work pants. All of these have different levels of wear and tear, some Drowners may have a blood (or what looks like blood) stained coat, some have ripped pants, and some have even been seen missing a boot.


Where there's water or other liquids, Drowners may be found lurking just beneath the surface waiting for unsuspecting passersby to become their next victim. When one gets close to a lurking Drowner, it will attempt to grab any exposed limb or submerged body part. They do this to inflict their anomalous effect on wanderers. When a Drowner successfully restrains a wanderer while making skin-to-skin contact, in a few seconds the wanderer's lungs will begin to fill with water, killing them from asphyxiation. If a Drowner is unable to execute this plan, they will try to give chase. Drowners move in a lumbering manner that is slower than the average human running speed, however, their slow nature should not be underestimated as usually they are encountered in water which they are able to anomalously move through unimpeded. As such, it is likely that in water they could very well catch wanderers due to their impaired movement. Unless provoked, Drowners will lie beneath the water for a seemingly indefinite amount of time. As a result, Drowners are rarely seen out of water.

Drowners are surprisingly persistent; even after their potential victim has left the Drowner's body of water, they will still attempt to follow their prey. When on land, one can outmaneuver a Drowner with relative ease, but it is important to avoid closed areas where a Drowner could corner someone.1 If they catch a wanderer, they will pin them down and subject them to their anomalous effect. Should a wanderer be cornered by a Drowner, one may have to fight. If a fight is the only way, the M.E.G. recommends the use of ranged weaponry due to the Drowner's anomalous effect and their well above average strength. They are resilient, but significant damage can put them down.

If a Drowner kills a wanderer within a body of water, it drags the body away from any on-lookers and seems to disappear with no trace of the Drowner or the body.2 This process is similar if a Drowner kills a wanderer out of water, though notably the Drowner finds the nearest body of water before disappearing.

On the rare occurrences that Drowners are seen outside a body of water, they have been observed to shamble around with little to no intention. They will attempt to give chase if a wanderer approaches them while in this state.


Drowners are bipedal, with two arms and human proportions, though they are notably lanky in build. Drowners have dark gray skin, a gaunt face with sunken eyes, and a mouth filled with rotted human-like teeth. Their facial features can vary; some have been noted to have patchy beards, scars covering their face, or even hair hanging over their face. They have been observed to be 6 to 6.5 ft. tall and seem to weigh between 100-120 pounds.3

Due to M.E.G. operatives killing a Drowner within Level 230 and bringing its remains to Base Delta, an autopsy was able to shed light into a Drowner's inner workings. Firstly, the Drowner’s anomalous properties persist through death. This was discovered when a M.E.G. operative accidentally made skin-to-skin contact with the corpse and began to asphyxiate. Additionally, when the corpse was thrown into a pool of water it did not float or sink; it fell to the bottom of the pool as if the water was not there. The skin of the Drowner is leathery making it difficult to cut through, but M.E.G. researchers were eventually able to cut through revealing the innards of the Drowner. Within the body of the Drowner no organs were found, in fact, the only thing found within the Drowner is a brackish, water-like substance that fills every cavity where organs, bones, and muscles should be. This liquid is of unknown origin and its composition has yet to be fully observed. Though, given the discovery of Drowners, this liquid could very well be the same liquid that composes the large body of water found in Level 230.


Drowners were first discovered in Level 230 on 2/13/2021, when M.E.G. operatives were observing The Docks within the level from afar via binoculars. As they were watching the docks, they saw several instances of Entity 232 crawl from the brackish water adjacent to the docks. They report 10-12 were seen at once, which is strange given their usually solitary nature. After this sighting, Drowners were seen throughout level 230, and soon after reports of Drowners in other levels were documented as well. The method by which they appeared on other levels is unknown.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Make sure when entering a body of water that no skin is exposed.
  • If seen, get out of the water; out of water they can be outran.
  • Use ranged weaponry if a fight with a Drowner is required.


  • Expose one's legs by pulling up one's pants.
  • Get cornered.
  • Touch a deceased Drowner.

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