Entity 231 - "Porters"
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A distorted picture of said entity. Captured in the Docks of Level 230 by an unknown wanderer.

Entity Number: 231

Habitat: Commonly found on Level 230


Entity 231, commonly known as Porters, are known to frequent the docks of Level 230. They are often observed wearing a fur-lined coat with a gas mask. They are more individually differentiated than most hostile entities, and a specific Porter can even be personally identified by its unique coat and mask. To date, 50 distinct Porters have been identified, though there are likely many more that have yet to be observed.

When they are away from their ships, Porters typically move alone. This should not embolden wanderers in approaching them, as a single Porter has enough brute strength to easily overwhelm and kill as many as 5 well-armed individuals at once.


Porters dwell in the docks of Level 230, embarking on and disembarking from a number of ships. It has been hypothesized that they assist other "sailor-type" entities on ships with the transport of cargo. They can frequently be observed off-loading numerous boxes and containers from these ships, and transporting them to unknown locations. The contents of these containers are unknown.

Porters are not passive entities, showing significant intelligence and sharp situational awareness. Upon detection of any wanderer in the vicinity, they will relentlessly pursue and attack without provocation, and are capable of inflicting great harm upon any person unfortunate to cross their path. The hooks porters carry in their hands, combined with their bestial strength, prove to be deadly for most victims caught in their sights. Fortunately for wanderers, Porters have never been sighted outside the docks.


Porters are bipedal, with two arms and human-like proportions. Standing at an average height of 6 feet, their well-built frames are akin to that of muscular football players. They wear dark blue fur-lined coats with a distinct smell of oil and sawdust, and dark green gas masks that obscure their faces. Their legs are clad in tan cargo pants, often stained with a black, tar-ish substance, and their steel-toed boots show signs of wear. Their stride betrays their menacing strength, a limber gait full of aggressive intent.

Attempts to discover more about the anatomy of porters have been mostly unsuccessful, as the M.E.G. has not yet managed to retrieve any dead porter specimens for study. While it has been confirmed that they have human faces, little more is known about the creatures hiding underneath the coats and masks. Porters have proven too aggressive to incapacitate, and any M.E.G. operative who has gotten close enough to unmask one has not survived to describe its face in detail.


After the discovery of Entity 230 (i.e Baggers), the formal documentation of Entity 231 soon followed. A report was first filed by a squad of M.E.G. operatives from M.E.G. Base Delta on Level 230, which had ventured into the docks to conduct research on the entities and conditions present there. Upon arriving, they soon came in contact with a porter. The encounter was not without casualties, as the entity aggressively attacked and killed one operative, while the other five members of the squad made a hasty retreat.

M.E.G. Report 230-03

Abbr. Key:

  • DC: Descriptive Captions
  • MAG 1: Primary M.E.G Operative Speaker (δ-467 Richard Maddox)
  • MAG 2: Secondary M.E.G. Operative Speaker (δ-875 Stanley Tranton)


DC: Audio Recorder turns on with a pop of static.

MAG 1: Is this thing on? Good.
MAG 2: Richard, stop playing with the recording device; let's get a move on.
MAG 1: You know this is M.E.G. protocol, right?
MAG 2: Yeah, but you don’t have to say everything you’re doing out loud.
MAG 1: Quiet for a second.

DC: MAG 2 falls silent.

MAG 1 (To Recorder): This is M.E.G. Agent δ-467 Speaking, δ-875 in proximity. Three supplementary M.E.G. Operatives in the perimeter setting up light towers; I.D. as follows: δ-643, δ-987, and δ-932. Scanning area for entity presence. None reported.
MAG 2: Are you done yet?
MAG 1: Yeah… for now.
MAG 2: Wait, what's that?

DC: A low growl can be heard in the recording.

MAG 1 (To Recorder): Unknown figure approaching M.E.G. setup. Identity unclear. We are initiating contact.
MAG 2 (Raised Voice): Hello? Identify yourself!
MAG 1 (To Recorder): The figure appears to show no response to attempted communication. Presumed to be an entity; hostility level unknown.
MAG 2: What do you have in your hand?
MAG 1: The entity is carrying a box in its arms… It is… setting it down on the ground, now…
MAG 2: I'm going to have to ask you to leave this area.
MAG 1 (To Recorder): Entity shows no response, but continues to advance.
MAG 1 (To Recorder): Entity in close proximity, wearing a dark blue coat with fur trim and green gas mask. It's carrying a hook in its hand.
MAG 1 (To Recorder): δ-875 is reaching out to grab the entity’s mask. No resistance was observed from the entity… 875 is pulling the mask off- oh fuck!
MAG 2: No, no, no… it can't be you, Eric!

DC: MAG 2 emits a bloodcurdling scream as the entity slashes its hook across 875's throat, instantly killing him.

MAG 1 (Breathless): 875 is down! Mission aborted. Retreat! ALL RETREAT! EVERYONE GO GO GO-

DC: Frantic running sounds are heard. The recording is distorted until the running has stopped.

MAG 1 (Winded, To Recorder): 476 reporting in. The coast is clear, I think… 875 is… dead. Others are unharmed. Entity hostile… we've barely escaped with our lives. Mission aborted; the Docks have been confirmed unsafe for human habitation. We’re returning to base immediately. 467 signing off.

DC: Audio recording ends with a final pop of static.


Do's and Don'ts:


  • Run away as soon as you see them.
  • Keep track of their location.


  • Visit or linger in the docks of Level 230.
  • Attempt to communicate with them.

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