Entity 227


Entity 227 is a group of sentient aircraft fighters composed of miniature model plane kits. The planes in the squadron can vary, but from captured specimens, most appear to be P-51D Mustangs from the American Army Air Force during WWII. All recorded specimens of Entity 227 are measured as 12" x 14" x 4".1


Instances of Entity 227 fly in groups of thirty and always in a Vic formation, with extra fighters being placed at the back of the formation to create another Vic. The squadron usually has three V's, though sometimes a few fighters are missing from a previous battle. In any appearance of the squadron, at least three or more planes are damaged from various types of attacks, usually gunfire from other "planes." Other model planes have been discovered, such as Bf 109s, B-25s, and a singular He-111. While very rarely spotted, it is assumed that these planes of differing factions engage in aerial combat with one another.2

When spotting a human target, Entity 227 will immediately begin firing their weapons at them. These weapons can include, but are not limited to: six wing cannons, bombs, rockets, and others. These weapons, though smaller in scale from their Frontrooms-counterparts, can easily pierce through tissue and cause the same damage as a full-sized plane.3


Instances are manned by no visible crew. When attacked, no pilots are seen ejecting. When disassembling an Entity 277 instance, its fuel, ammo, hydraulics, and various other components mirror that of a P-51D Mustang's.

The materials these components are comprised of have been observed to be different than their counter-parts. Hydraulic systems are composed of bones and Liquid Pain despite its lack of traits needed to activate an instance's flaps or landing gear. Entity 227 instances are seen firing a large amount of bullets and deploying ordinance, though when theoretically running out if ammo or ordinance, it is restocked by unknown means. Due to the large variation of ammo types, information about documented rounds has been provided below.

Bullet Types

Ammo Color Ammo Type Contents
Orange Tracer When opened, the bullet was found to be completely empty.
Black Armor-Piercing The bullet contained what resembled an Onyx Crystal shard from Zone 4 of Level 197.
Red Armor-Piercing Incendiary Tracer The shell had a variety of contents, mainly being Firesalt and shards of Leviathan's Teeth.
Blue High-Explosive When opened, the shell immediately detonated and killed 4 M.E.G. operatives investigating an instance of Entity 227. These rounds are theorized to contain massive amounts of vile Firesalt that detonates when the shell casing is breached.


Explosive Marking Payload Weight Contents
Blue Bombs 4.5kg Blue marked bombs held Almond Water infected with The Disease.
Black Bombs 13.6kg Black bombs could not be inspected; when a piece of the shell casing was removed, lightning escaped and struck whoever was in the arc. It's thought that these bombs are odd forms of Lightning Bottles.
Yellow Stripe Rockets 0.64kg Inside of the device was a large amount of miniature Nguithr'xurhs.
Black Stripe Rockets 0.40kg When opened, the black rockets immediately detonated. It is still unknown what resides in a black-striped rocket.

The reasoning for why this small-caliber ammunition causes such high-impact damage is still unknown. Currently, the leading theory is that, regardless of their contents, the bullets, bombs, and rockets all have the same density or explosive mass that would be seen in full-size ordinance. How this occurs is unknown, especially with the ammunition's payload.


A wanderer named Tommy Price first brought instances of Entity 227 to the M.E.G.'s attention on Level 11. The man had a lengthy report on how he had found a group of Entity 227, and it has been documented below.

I had found these little model planes sittin down in Level... 277, I believe it was. They were all lined up on a long table 'n looked like they were being repaired 'n restocked. I approached them, because I thought that they were just some models that a hobbyist was making. Their engines started igniting and propellers spinning, and pretty quickly I realized that these little planes were not made by some hobbyist, haha! If they were, that sum-bitch must know what he's doin!

At the time I had my uh… my cap on, and as I got closer they didn't move like I thought they would. Out of nowhere they formed into three Vic's on their little makeshift runway. They looked as if they were aboutta take off, but they just sat there, engines whirrin.4

As I got close the little P-51's let me pick 'em up. They were really fuckin heavy for a small model plane, but this whole place is run to shit.

I felt a little bit of comfort around 'em. Might be cause I'm a veteran myself, because they're somethin I recognize, or some other subconscious trait. Whatever it was, I stuck around in that place for a pretty long while. Those planes flew around me and shot down those damn monsters that tried to charge me. Little things caused just as much damage as a full sized 12 millimeter cannon, so I'm glad those little shits didn't turn their guns on me, hahaha!

Decided to bring one or two with me to Level 11 and see if I could find one of y'alls outposts. I made as much sense of it as I could, and you kids are much younger than I am.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Evade fighters
  • Take shelter when hearing plane engines
  • Carry head and body protection when entering levels with verified reports of Entity 227's presence
  • Have a combative with you or a set of military ranks


  • Chase fighter planes
  • Attempt to destroy fighter planes


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