Entity 22
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A photograph taken of Entity 22 in Level 10 before coming into contact with Skin-Stealers.

Entity Number: 22

Habitat: Outdoors1


Entity 22, also known as Warning Kites, refers to a group of kites of childish design. Each kite varies in size and design. Without a cause, Entity 22 cannot be spotted or manifested. When danger is near a Wanderer, Entity 22 will then warn the Wanderer of the oncoming danger. These entities can be found on any outdoor level and are directly proportional to the danger level of the wanderers surroundings.


When danger is more than an acre of a Wanderer, Entity 22 will manifest in hordes of indeterminate amounts. They then can be seen flying in the opposite direction of the danger. This is their way of telling the Wanderer which direction the danger is in. When directly overhead of a Wanderer, childish laughter and cheering can be heard. The louder the sounds produced from Entity 22 are, the closer the danger is.

Entity 22 is completely neutral towards humans and will make no attempt at harming an individual. However, when warning a Wanderer, they will also not make any attempt to stop the danger other than only warning the aforementioned individual.

Depending on the quantity of the danger2, the quantity of Entity 22 will increase. The opposite goes for the fewer amounts of danger.

When out of range3, Entity 22 will explode, releasing confetti from its interior and producing a sound similar to children cheering.


Entity 22 is constructed of a metal mesh outline and nylon fabric. There are strings attached to the bottoms of the kites that lead to an unknown location. During thorough tests, it has been concluded that these kites have some form of nerve endings capable of receiving pain and touch. Otherwise, all characteristics of Entity 22 are the same as a typical kite.


On 05/28/21, Entity 22 was first discovered on Level 10 when a Wanderer was in close proximity to two Skin-Stealers. The Wanderer later heard a group of children cheering and looked up to find a horde of kites flying away from the Skin Stealers. The Wanderer followed the kites and ended up surviving until the M.E.G. recovered him.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Look up when you feel endangered.
  • Listen for cheering.
  • Follow Entity 22.
  • Acknowledge the quantity and loudness of Entity 22.


  • Ignore Entity 22.
  • Take down Entity 22.
  • Run the opposite direction of Entity 22.

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