Entity 204

M.E.G. Log: Attempt 1 at psychotherapeutic treatment of Entity 204 victims.
Participant (anonymous) has been separated from their Entity 204 instance, and is allowed to recount their experiences with the entity as recalled by them.

My friend Jenna is the best friend I could ever hope to ask for.

We met in 2007, online actually. It wasn’t until we’d known each other on the forums for a year that we realised we lived in the exact same city, just half a mile from each other.

When we realised it, it was such an of course moment! Our slang was the same, we knew all the same shows and we were always online at the same times. We lined up so well with each other that I should have known we had more in common!

We got on amazingly after we finally met in person, though we had to convene in secret due to her strict parents. We would meet up in the park, talk for a few hours, and do it all over again the next day. It was the highlight of my week.

I can’t imagine her shock when, one day, I never showed up. I’d disappeared from the world.

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these were my first ever entity i wrote back in the day. the draft was so so so so so bad. this has only like one or two lines from that original version.

you can view the original version here if you dare.

thanks to SnomWriting for helping me come up with these back in the day.
by your local faceless scutoid studios


A tagalong photographed with a wanderer.

Entity Number: 204

Habitat(s): Majority


Entity 204, known as tagalongs, are humanoid entities that exhibit a parasitic relationship with humans. They resemble humans closely when viewed from afar or in peripheral vision, though unnatural and disturbing features reveal themselves upon further inspection.


Tagalongs are found near human bases and communities, though they can survive independently without sustenance for prolonged periods1. Though the entities do not need food or drink to survive, they will consume any that is given to them in an apparent bid to mimic human behaviour. This is usually quite dicomforting to watch, due to the tagalongs' strange facial structure and unnatural movements. It should also be noted that tagalongs do not sleep.

Humans who attempt to interact with a tagalong will begin to exhibit selective memory loss and confusion, and will begin to believe that the tagalong in question is another human being. After this happens, the human is considered infected and is not to be interacted with further2.


A tagalong merging with a wanderer.


Tagalongs propagate through a process of infection, wherein the human host is lulled into a sense of security and familiarity and then merged with. The host will begin to recognise the tagalong as a friend or family member, or construct new memories of such people to line up with the tagalong's appearance.

During this time, the parasitic tagalong will stay extremely close to its host, maintaining constant physical contact if possible — usually by standing directly next to them and having their heads, hands, or sides touch. During this initial stage of propagation, the tagalong's mimicking of human behaviour ceases and the entity becomes dormant, though the host will continue to engage in one-sided conversations with the entity. When the host sleeps, the tagalong will stand guard and protect them from threats.

Over time, individuals experience prominent headaches, hearing and sight loss, and even full loss of awareness of their situation — many end up believing that they are located within the Frontrooms.

After about a week's time, the host becomes unable to walk and stops responding to stimuli. That being said, removal of the tagalong from the host will still provoke a reaction through unknown means. Shortly after this, the tagalong will physically merge with the host, transforming them into a second tagalong. The two detach following this, and go their seperate ways.


Though tagalongs resemble their previous human forms quite closely, retaining distinctive attributes, they do not retain any previously held intelligence or memory. Interactions between tagalongs and host individuals do not necessarily line up with the tagalong's previously held personality.

Tagalongs, when dissected, are found to be filled entirely with coagulated human blood. They do not contain any internal organs whatsoever, aside from what is outwardly visible3.

Survival Guide

  • Do not trust any human beings you recognise from your life back home until you have verified with another individual that they are who they say they are, and not a tagalong or another mimic entity.
  • Do not interact with people if you are alone, unless desperate.
  • Keep a close eye on anybody you come across.
  • If in doubt, get out. Interacting with humans you think you recognise can prove beneficial if your instincts do not deceive you, but carefulness is key.


When we met up in the Backrooms after years of separation, my heart skipped a beat. How would you feel if you could reunite with your closest childhood friend?

She’s just how I remember her. I never want to get separated from her again, even if this hellscape tries to wrench us apart. We’re never apart, not anymore. We’ll be together from now on — no parents, no school… nothing stands in the way of us anymore.

My friend Jenna is the best friend I could ever hope to ask for.

…so would you M.E.G. people please let me see her?

Session was concluded shortly after.

Psychotherapy for Entity 204 victims has been discontinued and is no longer seen as a potential avenue for recovery after partial Entity 204 exposure.

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