Entity 200 - "my friends"
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my friends

Entity Number: 200

Habitat(s): an office


Entity 200 are my robot friends. I made them all on my own and im really happy about them. I like to play games with them like city and house. I remember when I would play those games back at school with my frends. I hope they will come and see me here.

My favorite one is named Tedison. He is the one with the smiley face in the picture. Tedison is also best friends with Bob. Bob is cool too but he is kinda mean to the others sometimes. There is also Cate, Hary, Sam, and Nugget. Well theres also Clyde and Sue and uh theres a lot of them.

Each one of them have their own lives. Sometimes their arms or legs fall off but thats okay because I can always fix them. One has wheels for feet which I think is awsome. I even made one that looks like a dog that has a big cotton ball on it with a little red nose. I named him Bean like my old dog.


All of them are my friends here. Some of them are nice to me while some can be rude. Some of them remind me of people from school and at home. I havent been to school in a while I hope they havent forgotten about me.

I tried to get them to play race cars but they didnt like it. Sams arm fell off and I had to tape it back on. I also accidentaly broke one of the springs on Tedison and caused it to be bent. I dont want to play race cars with them again because they got hurt.


this is what bean looks like


I dont know what this means. I would ask my mom but I cant find her anywhere.


I found some suplies and made these. They are made out of foam, buttons, wood, and cotton bals. I gave some of them faces. Theres some other things they are made with but I couldnt find enough to give all of them ears and arms.

I keep these with me and will always want to keep them. I promised them that I will never lose them.

Do's and Don'ts:


Play with them. Their favorit game is city. That is when I pretend they live in a city and each one has a job and drives cars.


Loose or break them. I ran out of stuff to make them with and I dont want them to go missing.

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