Entity 20 - "The Thing On Level 7" AKA "Tiny"
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Entity Number: 20


An image capture of "The Thing On Level 7," shortly before the photographer's demise.

Survival Tips: This Entity only hunts from movement, so standing still, to making as little noise as possible could work.

Description: The Thing On Level 7 has little information on specific detail thus far, having only been seen by a handful of travelers. It appears to be the only one of its kind left, and is highly intelligent; although incapable of speech, it can write. It is omnivorous and brutal and appears to care little for humans, as it has stated when asked. It is a black, snakelike figure that is said to be roughly 11 thousand meters long, with no features except for a large mouth that is only visible when it is open and is big enough to swallow a small hotel whole. This mouth takes up a third of its face, with sharp, 10 meter teeth inside. It reportedly hunts down movement.

It sees and circles its would-be victims in a manner similar to that of a shark. It has been known to expel large quantities of tar from its skin in some situations, the causes for which are unknown. Despite its appearance, the only traveler to come into physical contact with it has given it the ironically appealing nickname "Tiny", which it appears to despise. It is responsible for the death of u/sagekabuto and u/glassydude101. As of now, The Thing On Level 7 is the only known Thing on Level 7. It has insane regenerative abilities, making it near immortal.

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