Entity 2 - "The Windows"
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A window found in a dark location. Level unknown.

Entity Number: 2

Habitat - Architectural


The Windows are creatures in the shape of a Window. The Window has a figure inside, always pointing at the target. If the target is unaware of the creature, it will attack immediately. "Windows" will generally appear on Level 1 through Level 2, although mostly being on Level 1. Some Windows are safe when there is no shadowy figure behind it, some can lead to "Level 1.5".


The Windows start by pointing in the direction of a Wanderer, and whispers tell the Wanderers to enter the Window. Once close enough, the Entity will grab you, and pull you in, even if the said Window is closed. It rumored that it's just an empty void on the other side, even if it shows land on the other side.


These Windows can come in many different shapes and sizes, and the same goes to the Shadowy Figure behind it. The Shadowy Figure always seem to look human, and will whisper to Wanderers to lure them into it's trap.


There is no real first report about The Windows found at the moment, but the group known as The Lost has referenced them as "The Men Behind The Glass".

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Avoid all Windows at all costs.


  • Do not trust any Windows in any Level if a Figure is behind it.
  • If The Windows wants you to follow them, do not agree to do so.

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