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Entity 194: The Crystal Sisters

HABITAT(S): Level 197


The Crystal Sisters are a now-deceased group of entities that used to reside in Level 197. Each sister resided in a zone of Level 197, thought to relate to each of their demeanors and current conditions.

There were three sisters, each one of them made from the crystal of the zone they resided in. More information is held below.


The Crystal Sisters were all radically different in behavior.

The Turquoise Sister, Vivian

The Sister that resided in the Turquoise Zone introduced herself to all wanderers as Vivian, and everyone who interacted with her described Vivian as, "one of the most lovely entities in the Backrooms." She would provide wanderers with distilled water, rest, and hospitality to all that entered. She would make conversation very interesting, with her stories having high amounts of emotion, description, and general entertainment.

She would talk about her family, her past, and how her zone came to be. All wanderers who listened to this story were affected in some way emotionally, with most showing empathy to Vivian.

Vivian would consistently give depressed or struggling people hugs, encouraging them to go forward. Many who received said hugs felt better, saying that, "It didn't help immediately, but it just… felt like someone was there, you know? Like there was someone who cared for you." Many people stay in the Turquoise Zone to see Meditation Cove, and hope that Vivian will return one day.

The Amethyst Sister, Ita

Ita was the Amethyst Sister, and was always very sickly. Those who got close to her, with or without any gas mask, would succumb to illness almost immediately. She would seem to hate how no wanderer could get close to her, and would usually hit herself or scratch at her body. When wanderers would try to calm her down, she would not listen and scream to leave her alone. Her screams would break gas masks and bust eardrums, and it was not recommended to try and talk her out of self-harm.

Ita, when dormant, would always try to end her own life. These means were vast and some were deemed too descriptive for some, though a few were: her slamming her head against a cavern wall, particularly on a crystal shard, trying to break her own neck, and scratching at her chest to try and pull out her "organs." When walking through the halls after an attempt on her own life, she would sob or tiredly call out for her sisters or "brother." It is currently unknown definitively who the brother to the Sisters are, but it is widely agreed that the Dark Sovereign is their sibling.

Since she would try and stay away from wanderers, not much more is known about her.

The Ruby Sister, Kilian

Kilian was the sister who resided in the Ruby Zone. Always angry, she would kill any wanderer she saw on sight and throw their bodies into the pits where Crimson Fortresses now reside. Kilian would always be spotted ripping chunks out of her body and hurling them into the walls of the caverns, with the pieces she ripped off re-growing on her body soon after. She would slam the ground to create crystal spike traps, tear down walls for caverns where entities now reside, and generally destroy the terrain of her zone.1

She would constantly scream at wanderers to get out of the Ruby Zone and would even chase them away. Wanderers would reportedly sweat madly when running away and become heavily dehydrated, usually collapsing from exhaustion. She would kill victims quickly, and when leaving the scene their bodies would reanimate into a random entity.

With Kilian being the most hostile of the three sisters, no more information can be gathered other than what could be heard echoing down the halls.


The Crystal Sisters were all made of polygonal crystals which gave them a humanoid appearance. Vivian was the largest of the three sisters, having a much bulkier body type. Ita was the smallest, being the shortest and the thinnest. Kilian was somewhere in between, having a fit body type and being in the middle of height.

The sisters all had a crown atop their heads, each made of a different material.

  • Vivian would wear a crown made of a metal resembling silver, with a beautiful turquoise crystal in the center. The design of said crystal was very elaborate, and as of now no pictures or drawings of the design are able to be given. The crystal was said to have given off feelings of relaxation and even set depressed or tired wanderers to sleep.
  • Ita's crown was made of an item resembling uranium, and her amethyst crystal was described to be, "hastily cut, as if not much effort was put into it." Wanderers who looked into said crystal felt nauseated, exhausted, and suddenly became depressed.
  • Kilian's crown was made of solid iron and had a basic diamond-shaped ruby in the center. Her crown always gave off a red glow wherever it was facing, almost as if the crystal itself was watching where it was looking. When wanderers looked into it or had the red glow shined upon them, they immediately felt angry, enraged, or had an urge to break something.

As of now, no drawings are able to be given. An artist is working on giving a rendition of the sisters, as no images were ever taken of their appearance.


The Crystal Sisters were discovered in 2003 by an abundance of wanderers entering Level 197. As expected, Vivian was the first sister found on 14 Feb 2003, and many were eager to stay with her. Ita was found soon after on 01 Mar 2003, though many stayed away from her due to her infectious properties. Kilian was discovered on 21 Nov 2003, as many wanderers could not find a suitable source of gas masks until early November.

No detailed reports of Ita or Kilian exist, and many submissions for Vivian were repetitive about their experience. We have found it necessary to only include the dates of when they were discovered.

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