Entity 190 - "The Omen"

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Entity Number: 190

Habitat(s): Any level



Supposed photo of The Omen.

The Omen is a representative of the Reverence who appears to indoctrinate others into the Reverence and acts as their recruiter of sorts. He appears to be completely silhouetted and has no distinct features that can be made out, aside from his large hat. Some reports have also indicated that he carries a cane and/or a suitcase.


While the process for joining the Reverence is not fully known, The Omen has been seen contacting several individuals in the past and inviting them to join the Reverence’s ranks. He seems to be completely intangible, and can pass through walls and objects at will.

The Omen has occasionally appeared in dreams and seems to sometimes cause minor hallucinations to those he visits. After speaking to The Omen, some have reported feelings of nausea, pain, and anxiety. The Omen's voice and speaking patterns seem to vary from person to person as well. Some have reported The Omen to speak in an exact replica of their own voice, and others have said his voice was extremely deep and gravely.


As I looked upon the broad fields I had been taken to, I saw death itself approach me from the cover of the wheat fields. It morphed through the fauna like it had not even noticed it existed, and its inky black appearance manifested at the edge of the field in an evil greeting to me.

It told me things about myself no other person could possibly know. Stories of my kin that had been long lost to many generations, knowledge of great technologies that I had considered an impossibility. It offered so much more… in exchange for my entrance into his realm.

My allegiance is with the suns, as always, and I was inclined to deny the proposition. As I did so, I was overwhelmed with fear and agony, the likes of which I had never felt before, and the creature disappeared.

I know I made the right decision… and yet, I feel I must wonder…

What would have happened if I had accepted?

- Early documentation of The Omen from a member of The Lost.

The Omen began offering entrance into the Reverence to highly powerful individuals in the Backrooms shortly after the B.N.T.G. had been founded. Rumors of a strange being similar to The Omen lurking in the distance have begun to surface in the outskirts of Traders Keep, much to the confusion of local peacekeepers.

It should be warned that The Omen seems to be able to [CORRUPT DATA. PLEASE FIX SERVERS.]

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