Entity 19 - "The Disease"
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The Entity 19 article describes an extremely deadly virus that can be found within The Backrooms. This article contains graphic descriptions akin to body horror, in relation to deadly disease and illness.

Entity Number: 19

Habitat(s): Level 0, Level 1, Level 3, Level 5, Others

Any location with the potential to grow moss, or has a moist damp environment, is susceptible to containing strains of Entity 19.


A microscopic close-up of Entity 19.

Survival Guide:

The two main signs of the Disease are red painful bumps covering the skin, and severe eye irritation (which can result in hyphema1). Avoid moist damp environments. While the Disease is lethal, it is not a death sentence. It can be treated by resting, interacting with others, and drinking plenty of fluids, as the Disease causes dehydration. Almond Water can help.


Entity 19, named "the Disease" by an unknown explorer, is a virus that lurks in the Backrooms. The virus is most often found in moist, damp environments. This includes rotten wallpaper, moss, stagnant water, and decaying corpses. While there are several different strains, the main symptoms of the virus include:

  • Eye irritation/Bleeding
  • Dehydration
  • Rashes/Bumps/Hives
  • Stomach pain/Ulcers
  • Audiovisual hallucinations

There are 3 main stages to the virus following initial infection. If the Disease goes untreated for around 4 days, the infected will die.

Stage 1

5-24 hours after initial infection. Hives will begin to form on arms, chest, thighs, and genitals. Eye irritation will occur, becoming more severe as time goes on. Severe stomach pain begins at this stage. Infected will become more irritable and anxious.

Stage 2

24-72 hours after initial infection. Hives will spread to all parts of the body, and can become extremely hard. They can also break open, resulting in minor bleeding and puss leakage. Ulcers will begin to form on the stomach lining. Blood will begin forming in the eye, resulting in visual impairments. Severe dehydration will occur, causing dry throat. Auditory hallucinations begin at this stage.

Stage 3

~80 hours after initial infection. Bumps formed across the skin will break open, causing severe bleeding giving off a foul odor. Anterior chamber of the eye will break open, resulting in eyes bleeding. Infected will lose ability to generate sweat, saliva, and CSF. Hallucinations are most severe at this point. Stomach tissue will be almost entirely dissolved. Death is guaranteed typically 90 hours after infection.


As stated, the Disease is not an instant death sentence. Through proper treatment, the severe symptoms can be avoided. If you begin to experience symptoms of Entity 19, remain far away from other survivors to avoid Infecting others. Remain in a cool, dry area and sip water or almond water. Avoid movement if possible, you want to rest your body to the best of your ability. Do not overwhelm your body, breath slowly and consume small amounts of food and water at any time.

Most importantly, do not scratch any bumps that form on your body. If you stay completely calm and rested, your body will be able to fight the infection. Your immune system will be weak in the days following initial infection, but you will survive. Nearly all infected who follow these steps do not die. Most will develop immunity.

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