Entity 188 - "The Scomparsa"
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Skeletons of a Quetzalcoatlus, similar to the Scomparsa.

Entity Number: 188

Habitat(s): - Level 669
The Scomparsa exclusively roams the deeper and darker parts of level 669.


The Scomparsa is a gigantic pterodactyl-like creature (although it has more in common with the Quetzalcoatlus) that hunts the bigger quarries of level 669, hunting by means of echolocation.


The Scomparsa roams the deepest parts of level 669. Unlike regular prehistoric and antediluvian birds It does not attempt to reproduce or build nests for unknown reasons, however, the leading theory is that the Scomparsa is the last of an extinct species in level 669. As there is only one of it it is extremely rare to see, however when you do see it, it could be too late.

The Scomparsa uses echolocation to see its way around the quarries it flies through, making loud shrieking sounds when doing so. If you make too much noise it will find you, wherein it will likely try to dive toward your location. If it manages to catch you in its beak you will likely be crushed to death by its teeth.


The Scomparsa resembles that of a completely eyeless Quetzalcoatlus. Although its exact species can’t be determined, if it even is a real-life dinosaur at all, it has the most in common with the Quetzalcoatlus in terms of size and general posture/flying habits.

The Scomparsa is over thirty feet in height and has an extremely sharp beak that it uses to kill its prey in one snap. It is the only creature of its species due to unknown reasoning. Several features such as a massive scar over its beak have shown that all sightings of the Scomparsa are of the same individual.


The Scomparsa was originally told of by the prophets, who warned M.E.G. operatives of its presence in the deepest depths. It is entirely possible that an exit can be found in these deep locations (such as “game over”), however, the Scomparsa’s constant presence in this area has made it near impossible for anyone to stay in these areas long enough to locate a possible exit to level 669.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Stay completely silent when near the creature
  • Avoid sudden movements and noises


  • Do not go close to it, as it may be able to smell you
  • Don't attempt to fight it or anger it
  • Do not make a sound.

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