Entity 185 - "The Comedian"
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Not the favourite out of the bunch.

Entity number: 185

Habitat: The Hotel.

Now, let me know if you've heard this one before…

So like— listen, there's this guy— and xe arrives at a hotel, right? And xe's like, hey, this is a pretty neat hotel! But it seems to just be missing something… Ya feel me? Fancy decorations…pretty swell music, if you ask me, but it's just… missin' something!

This is an awfully boring set up you have so far.

Okay, okay but— wait! I'm not finished yet. So xe goes up to the dude running the place, and xe's like hey! Your place kinda sucks, hire me! And then he goes—

That's just not true. I did not hire you. You just came here and decided to stay.

Oh, come on, big guy. Jokes aren't meant to be accurate! They're s'posed to be funny!

I don't find humour in blatantly lying to people. How do you think something like this would reflect onto me?

But…er. Isn't blatantly lying to people your whole shtick?

That's different.

Okay, fine, fine, I'll start over then.

Uh…let's see…oh, I've got one—

So, y'know, when I was a kid… my mother always used to tell me this one specific thing, it was like… she used to always tell me…uh.

Go on.

I…I don't remember. I'm sorry.

Are you kidding me? I swear, if you—

No, no wait, I've got it! This joke'll really make you laugh, I promise!

…if you say so. Let me hear it.

Okay, here goes nothing… why did the chicken cross the road?

You're supposed to answer with 'why'.


To get to the other side!

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