Entity 180 - "Berry"
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Berry resting on a sofa in Level 512.

Entity Number: 180

Habitat(s): Level 4, Level 512, and Level 906


Berry is a black cat that appears to be of the Domestic Longhair breed. He has been reported to have the ability to "enlighten" or "ascend" wanderers who gaze into his eyes. He is constantly surrounded by his protective worshipers.


Berry can allegedly "enlighten" wanderers when they look into his eyes. His worshipers refer to this phenomenon as "visions of reality." Berry is able to make vocalizations, but only those typical of cats. To communicate, he will stare into the eyes of his followers. It is currently unknown what information they receive during these interactions, but they are then able to speak for Berry. His worshipers who refer to themselves as "Visionaries" will protect Berry at all costs and provide constant food and attention. It is believed that Berry can not control his effects but will not intentionally prevent wanderers from falling victim to them. Berry is docile, only becoming angry when held for extended periods of time. Berry can be given food and attention, but it is recommended to do so with caution. The Visionaries are quite protective of him and will fight off any who they see as threatening. Do not mention Jerry near Berry or his followers, this will cause an immediate hostile reaction.


Berry appears to be a neutered male cat of older age. His fur is black, with one notable feature being two white whiskers on the left side of his face. Berry does not have to eat but will eat nearly anything not directly plant-based. It is highly recommended to not make direct eye contact with Berry, as this causes wanderers to become "enlightened." His followers, only comprised of wanderers, are fully capable of functions similar to normal humans, but are extremely protective of Berry and worship him similarly to a deity. It is theorized that Berry gained these properties after an accidental encounter with Entity 140.


The first-ever sighting of Berry was approximately 400 years ago. Berry typically has 10-20 worshipers surrounding him at once. Do not attempt any interaction unless necessary. Berry can typically be found in Level 4 or Level 512.

I'm truly sorry Visionaries, but Berry is back where he belongs, back at home, with me. I hope you all understand, but unfortunately, I know you won't. Berry is safer with me than he ever was with you. And I intend to keep it that way. Understood?

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Provide food and attention to Berry if possible.
  • Interact with the Visionaries in a calm, but assertive manner.


  • Look into Berry's eyes.
  • React to Berry or his worshipers in a hostile manner.
  • Mention Jerry near the Visionaries.
  • Hold Berry for extended periods.

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