Entity 18 - "The Beast of Level 5"
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The Beast of level 5.

Entity Number: 18

Description: The Beast of Level 5 is an entity only mentioned by those who have lost all sanity while trapped on Level 5. However, all describe it similarly, so the Beast could quite possibly be real. It appears to be hostile but is not shown to attack immediately upon sight, instead slowly toying with its victims.

Some people doubt it exists, calling it off as just being an illusion of the floor's cobwebs, flickering lights, and ornate wallpaper combined with the harsh effect on sanity. Although substantial evidence means that the warnings regarding the beast still apply.


The beast clearly preys on sanity, and those who are low on sanity or alone within level 5 are typically it's targets. The beasts method of consumption is unknown, however it is assumed to kill or even eat it's victims.


It has been described as a tall and scaly creature wearing a suit and tie. It apparently has a humanoid body with the head of a cephalopod (squid), with tentacles around its mouth. Those who are reaching the end of their sanity claim it has camouflage abilities and that if you look closely and pay attention, you can see its glowing eyes watching you from the wallpaper pattern


After Level 5 began to be widely colonized reports of a creature preying on surviviors on the outskirts of colonies started to grow in number, causing a spike of interest in the M.E.G

Do's and Dont's:


  • Try not to go insane in Level 5, Drinking "Almond Water" should help you stay safe through this Level.


  • Interact with or approach the beast
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