Entity 177 - "Skin-Givers"
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The aftermath of a Skin-Giver attack.

Entity Number: 177

Habitat: Majority


Skin-Givers seem to be a counterpart to Skin-Stealers. Instead of stealing skin, they will add layers of skin onto their victims.


Skin-Givers have the ability to apply extra layers of skin to those what make physical contact with their fists, which are coated in several layers of skin. The skin will grow and wrap around the victim, causing itchiness and heat to the real layer of skin. Once contact is made, the Skin-Giver will slowly chase the effected person. Overtime, more and more layers of skin will grow on the victim, until they pass out due to heat exhaustion. When unconscious, the Skin-Giver will tear open the new layers of skin, and eat the flesh of the wanderer. The remaining skin will be left behind to rot.

Luckily, by dousing your skin in Almond Water, and scratching off the excess skin, you will stop growing new skin after a few minutes if you manage to run away.

These entities have a somewhat commensalistic relationship with Skin-Stealers. If a Skin-Stealer and Skin-Giver meet, the Skin-Stealer will take layers of skin off of the Skin-Giver's hands, and will use it to patch its own injuries up. This does not seem to negatively effect either entity.


Skin-Givers have a deep red skin tone, with white sunken eyes, and skeletal arms with hundreds of think skin layers on the hands. This seems to be where the extra skin comes from. They move very slowly, as the majority of weight in their body comes from their fists. While Skin-Stealers are fast and extremely strong, Skin-Givers are slow and methodical.


A large pile of dead skin was found on Level 1, being eaten by a group of female Deathmoths. M.E.G. Team "Quick Match" was dispatched to kill the entity, and run an autopsy back in Base Alpha.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Run away from the Skin-Giver if you can avoid physical contact
  • Apply Almond Water to the skin and scratch it off if physical contact is made


  • Run away after being touched by the Skin-Giver, you will faint from overheating
  • Allow more than 3 new layers of skin to grow on you before removing it
  • Scratch into your real skin too hard

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