Entity 166 - "Not Water"
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Entity Number: 166

This entity can be found in huge quantities in Level 183, which is submerged in the entity's body.
It can also be commonly found inside other wanderers and entities' bodies in almost any level.


Part of Level 183 submerged in Entity 166's body.


Entity 166, also known as "Not water" is a sentient, self-aware singularity reported to have deep knowledge of the backrooms. The entity acts as normal water until consumed. If consumed, the person or entity exposed to Entity 166 will start to hear voices and feel multiple random emotions at the same time. Those are theorized to be not only Entity 166's consciousness but also the consciousnesses of all other Entity 166 hosts.
Reports from wanderers that consumed this entity show that samples taken from the entity and moved somewhere else started to act like entire new consciousnesses in the singularity. Those wanderers could describe exactly the place that the sample was.
While consuming the entity is theoretically safe, it's not recommended as connecting to multiple wanderers and entities at the same time could lead to emotional, psychological and physical damage.


The entity acts neutral towards any wanderer or entity that approaches or swims in it, showing no sign of hostility at all.
If consumed, the entity starts to communicate with it's new host, sharing the knowledge, thoughts and feelings of every other host at the same time. It also seems to have some kind of control over the host's mind if desired, although it shows little to no interest in controlling it's host.
The entities seem to respond to electrical stimulus, sending random stimuli to the minds of their hosts.


The entity is normal distilled water until ingested, when it becomes mainly psylocibin with traces of serotonin and endorphin. The entity then starts to self-replicate and sends hormonal impulses to the host's brain.
The chemical composition and biological behaviour seems to change according to the host's biology.


The entity was discovered on October 12th 2019 by the former M.E.G researcher Maria "Beehive" Julia while exploring Level 183. The researcher accidentally ingested Entity 166 believing it was common water.

Additional Info:

A link to an audio file was found hidden in this entry:

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Use nasal tampons or any kind of physical coverage while swimming in the entity.
  • Keep your mouth very closed and your lips strongly pressed against each other.
  • If accidentally ingested, induce vomit within the following five minutes after the ingestion.


  • Ingest it.
  • Eat any kind of meat or meal that has been infected with Entity 166.

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