Entity 161
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Entity Number: 161

Habitat(s): - Majority of levels. Found more frequently in levels with large bodies of water in them.


Hirudo Verbana, the species of leech Entity 161 resembles the most.


Entity 161, more commonly known as 'Leeon', is a singular entity that resembles a toddler-sized leech with a strange fashion sense and a height of about three feet. This entity has been known to function as a sort of "wandering salesman", and is fully capable of human speech. If a wanderer encounters him, he will usually make an attempt to peddle a small variety of items to whomever he's stumbled upon in exchange for the person's blood. These items can range greatly in value, consisting of anything from random junk to highly sought out objects such as Royal Rations.


Leeon's appearance greatly resembles that of an incredibly enlarged leech that's believed to be slightly above three and a half feet in total length and slightly above one foot in width. He has a pair of long, noodle-like arms that protrude out from his sides. These arms seem to entirely lack bones and end in points rather than hands.

His body is aligned with colors and patterns near-identical to those found on a species of already existing leech, known as the Hirudo Verbana, or the Hungarian Leech1.

At the very front of his body, he has a ring-shaped mouth filled with three large, sharp teeth. The teeth are so large that he can't seem to close his mouth over them, causing him to have a permanent lateral lisp.

This entity is always adorned in a white collar and multicolored neck tie, located slightly above his arms. With that, he'll have white tuxedo cuffs placed slightly above the points of his arms. He's also always seen with an exaggeratedly tall and skinny light brown top hat, believed to be over four feet tall on its own2.

With him, Leeon carries a black, leather briefcase that he uses to store the items he's collected. Despite looking like a standard briefcase, it has been shown to be able to store objects significantly larger than both it and Leeon himself3.

No matter what climate one finds this entity in, his skin is somehow constantly wet and slippery. In some levels, one may even notice him leaving a visible trail of moisture as he slithers around.


Despite his moderately unpleasant appearance, Leeon is generally friendly with wanderers, if not also kind of slick. If a wanderer happens to encounter this entity or vice versa, he'll make an immediate attempt to strike up a conversation and temporarily join the wanderer on their travels or duties. He'll accompany the wanderer until he's either successfully sold them an item, been shooed off, or simply decided to go somewhere else all on his own4.

During the times in which Leeon is conversing with a wanderer, he'll often make attempts to shift the conversation to the topic of his wares in hopes of making a sale. Should the wanderer agree to see his products, he'll open up his briefcase and advertise a selection of four to five items that usually range in quality and usefulness5. The standard prices of the items seem to be completely random, but it is possible to haggle with Entity 161 in order to make a desired item cheaper. That being said, It's important to keep in mind to not touch an item unless you're absolutely sure you wish to buy it. For whatever reason, Leeon considers any item that has been touched 'bought', and will subsequently claim his payment whether you're willing or not.

Instead of accepting any form of currency or trade for his items, this entity only accepts payment in the buyer's blood. Whenever one decides to purchase an item, Leeon's hat will briefly shudder shortly before its top flips open and spurts a purple gas cloud in the face of the buyer. This gas will completely knock out most wanderers approximately fifteen to twenty seconds after inhalation.

When the buyer is unconscious, Leeon will then proceed to plunge his three teeth into one of the shoulders of the buyer and consume the amount of blood he's owed, using a blood sucking method similar to that of an actual leech. It's believed the gas his hat spits out is supposed to function as a sort of anesthesia, so the buyer doesn't have to feel their blood being sucked out.

When finished with the payment process, Leeon will leave the area and the buyer will wake up about ten minutes later with a Y-shaped scar on one of their shoulders, a mild soreness in the arm with the scar, and the purchased item sitting on the ground nearby6.

This entity is extremely pacifistic and cowardly and will flee at high speeds if a situation happens to get violent. If cornered, he'll usually resort to hitting the aggressor with a puff of his knock-out gas before scrambling away like usual. The only other times Leeon gases something without an agreed sale comes if one tries to steal something from him, as he'll very often manage to knock out any attempted thieves with his gas before they can get away. Afterwards, he'll take both the payment for the item and the item itself back.

Despite his generally pacifistic nature, Entity 161 has unintentionally killed wanderers in the past by taking too much blood all at once. He does not seem to be aware of the fact that creatures actually need blood to survive, having stated that "they can always just grow more".

At the moment, no pattern on what items Leeon deems as 'valuable' has been discovered. However, he does seem to favor specific blood types over others. He'll very often bring up blood types as an icebreaker conversation and seems to generally lower his prices for the types he favors. Currently, it is believed that his favorite blood type is B+ while his least favorite is O+.


This entity was supposedly sighted in early 2018, but his existence wasn't fully confirmed until late 2019, when M.E.G. operatives Norris Morrison and Ladle Spoonsly stumbled upon him during an exploration of Level 66. The initial meeting and interview was recorded on Spoonsly's personal camcorder.

Discovery Log 8/8/2018

Sales Log:

Listed below is a collection of items Leeon has sold to M.E.G. Agents. This log is kept in an attempt to keep track of what he deems as 'valuable.'

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Be polite, and try to tolerate his presence.
  • Purchase an item if it's cheaply priced and can help you survive.


  • Touch any item you don't want, or purchase anything of low value.
  • Purchase an item costly enough to kill you.
  • Insult his tie. He'll take it very personally.

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