Entity 160 Sightings
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The following is a log of additional sightings of Entity 160, serving as a supplement to that document. Wanderers are permitted and encouraged to add descriptions of any new Entity 160 instances they come across.

The template for sightings is as follows:

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**Alias:** "[The name the instance goes by]"

**Description:** A description of the instance's appearance and behavior. Adding first-person recollections of sightings is encouraged.

Some deviation from this format is allowed.

Begin List

Alias: "The Living Mattress"

Description: An overweight, masculine "Hero" specimen. Its costume consists of a light blue "puffer" jacket, striped pajama pants, and a hood and robe seemingly hewn from a bedsheet.

The Living Mattress possesses the ability to expand and flatten its body, and is known to appear to wanderers and offer its services when they loudly express that they are in need of rest. It then lies on the floor in front of them and encourages them to "use [it] as a bed."

The pressure of a person's weight is believed to cause extreme pain to The Living Mattress, as is evidenced by its near-constant screaming and crying upon being laid upon. Despite this, persons who have slept on it generally declare it to be the most comfortable bed they have ever experienced.

Alias: "Tarantula"

Description: A feminine "Villain" entry whose costume consists of nothing more than a thick layer of rubber toy spiders, which cover the entirety of its skin save for its face. It possesses the ability to produce additional toy spiders from its mouth.

Tarantula is known to target human wanderers by arranging a large amount of toy spiders on the floor of a room and lying in wait. Upon a human's entry into the room, Tarantula exclaims that it has "caught [them] in [its] spider-web," and proceeds to chase them around the room while throwing toy spiders in their general direction.

Upon being introduced to a common house spider, Tarantula expressed extreme fear and disgust, as well as a mild allergic reaction.

Alias: "SKELE-LORD [sic.]"

Description: A "Hero" instance consisting of a human skull, spine, and ribcage, which constantly floats one meter above the ground. "SKELE-LORD" is written in permanent marker across its brow.

SKELE-LORD has been known to come to the aid of wanderers during crises, although its lack of arms or legs slightly inhibits its capacity for combat. It claims to "draw power" from physical trauma, which causes its bones to emit a bright orange glow around the affected area.

SKELE-LORD's voice is different upon each sighting, and has ranged in tone from high-pitched and childlike to extremely low and gravelly. It has been sighted wearing several different pieces of headwear, including a baseball cap bearing the logo of the "Cleveland Sheriffs1," a Mexican lucha libre wrestling mask, a black bandana emblazoned with small skulls above crossed bananas, and a live kitten.

Alias: "Not-Super-Hero Man"

Description: A masculine "Hero" specimen who is usually seen wearing a 'costume' that consists of a white t-shirt, jeans, and occasionally a brown letterman jacket. It has pale skin, brown eyes, and usually seen with a five-o-clock shadow.

Not-Super-Hero Man been noted to have abilities such as flight, super strength as well as super speed. Has also been noted to, quote, "be happy to help out others until you point out his superpowers. Then he goes 'bonkers.'" as noted by known resident of Level 11 and occasional elsewhere wanderer Steve Mcherman. His name comes from multiple sightings ending up with him running away repeating and screaming "I'M NOT A SUPER-HERO!".

Alias: "Entity Punching Man"

Description: A masculine "Hero" specimen wearing a black trench coat that obscures most of its features. Also wears a black fedora. Not much else is known about this entity as its clothes anomalously cover each and every part of it whenever it moves. These clothes are also not removable. The parts that are not covered seem to be vantablack, with nothing else being identifiable.

Entity Punching Man seems to have an obsession with hunting down Entities of all kinds. It has been seen in levels that have been known to house large amounts of non-human entities, often ignoring Wanderers in favor of attacking Entities regardless of whether or not they are actually hostile. Known weapons used by Entity Punching Man include a wrench, a police baton, a lamp, a metal water bottle, an unusually durable cello, and a floating ball of what appeared to be interwoven arcs of electricity.

Following an incident in which Entity Punching Man was confronted by an MEG operative and informed of its classification as an Entity, it has often been sighted punching itself in the face before and after fights with other Entities in its general vicinity — sometimes with enough power to leave deep dents in its head, which despite their severity rebound very quickly.

Alias: "The Painkiller"

Description: A “hero” instance of Entity 160. It appears as a winged humanoid figure, wearing full-body chrome-plated armor and riding a monstrous, fire-breathing motorcycle with bladed wheels, the body of which resembles a dragon.

The Painkiller has been seen using a myriad of weapons, ranging from electrically-charged blades and laser weaponry to flamethrowers, poison-tipped talons and every known type of firearm. The method by which Painkiller carries all these weapons is unknown.

The Painkiller's arrival is always heralded by the sound of loud heavy-metal music and the (somehow louder) roar of its motorcycle's engine. The MEG advises wanderers to avoid contact with The Painkiller, as to avoid hearing damage.Even if adequate ear protection is worn, the blinding brightness of its armor (described by witnesses as being "brighter than a thousand suns") may cause severe damage to wanderers' eyesight.

When The Painkiller encounters a “villain” instance, it will proceed to scream “All guns blazing!” in a deep, gutural voice before employing overwhelming (and frankly, excessive) firepower to dispatch its enemy. In the event that the salvo of bullets and explosive projectiles fail to destroy their target (probably due to The Painkiller's terrible aim), the entity switches to melee weaponry to finish the job. Regardless of the weapon used, all battles end with The Painkiller’s signature attack, a massive blast described as “faster than a laser bullet” and “louder than an atom bomb”. The nature of this attack remains unknown, but it frequently results in catastrophic amounts of collateral damage, though no wanderers have ever been harmed by The Painkiller’s attacks.

No one has ever seen The Painkiller ride away from the combat scene, as its methods usually result in complete obliteration of both the enemy and itself. However, the entity appears to be functionally immortal, returning even after it has apparently been destroyed. It is important to note that any loss of hearing or vision will be reverted through unknown means once The Painkiller vanishes.

The Painkiller seems to be indifferent towards the collateral damage, often relishing in the destruction. It is known to think very highly of itself and its ability to “vanquish evil” and to save lives, regardless of the sheer amount of damage it causes on a regular basis.

Alias: "Chuck Hank hero unlimited 2.5"

Description: An instance of Entity 160 of unknown orientation. Despite its chosen alias, the entity has not engaged in any outwardly "villainous" or "heroic" behavior.

The instance, which for the rest of this documentation will be simply referred to as Chuck Hank for brevity, takes the appearance of a severely overweight, middle-aged, Caucasian man. Chuck Hank has a black goatee which is tinged with white hairs near the chin area, and their body is covered in unappealing body hair which has the same colouration as their beard.

In all accounts, Chuck has been documented to wear nothing but a pair of white underwear, a red bandana, and a pair of pink, star-shaped aviator sunglasses, which are encrusted with real pink diamonds2.

Encounters with Chuck Hank have, up until now, happened only when there were two living beings in an agitated state, with at least one of them being human. Once the agitated state is initiated, Chuck Hank will fall from the sky, cracking the ground beneath them (thus far, there have yet to be exceptions to this observation) as they bellow out an order for the arguing beings to calm down. No matter the organisms' reaction to this, Chuck Hank will proceed to grab one of the beings involved in the argument, and throw them to the side with inhuman strength. In a significant portion of cases, this has resulted in casualties of both humans and entities alike.

After this occurs, Chuck Hank will look towards the surviving being (regardless of if it can understand them or not), and speak to it. The majority of all recorded speech has sounded like a variation of the phrase "They're gone now champ, come with me, your father Chuck Hank hero unlimited 2.5. Today you're going to learn how to be an adult."

Once this has occurred, Chuck Hank will call forth a red barbecue grill from the heavens (which lands on the ground in the same fashion as they do), which they will promptly throw open. From their trouser pockets, they will take out a pack of sausages, two raw steaks, a barbecue fork, and a kilogram packet of charcoal (it is unknown how exactly these things fit in the pocket). Chuck Hank will lay these items on the ground in front of it, then proceed to use them to cook the meats on the grill.

During the process, Chuck Hank will give the remaining organism tips on how to cook sausages, steaks, and other meats. The advice is usually thorough and professional.

When the food is finished cooking, Chuck Hank will hand half of the food to the remaining organism, and they will proceed to eat their own half of the cookout, whilst asking the organism about how their day was. Once they finish their food, Chuck Hank will pat the subject on the body part closest to a human shoulder, and will fly back to the sky.

Subjects trying to leave the whole process will be forcefully brought back to the scene, and they will be lectured about random subjects relating to politics. Chuck Hank will halt the cooking process after their 'lesson' is finished, and they will leave the scene as they normally would. Should any third parties attempt to intervene the process, they will be thrown in the same fashion as they would've should they have been the ones nearest to Chuck Hank during the beginning of the process.

Wanderers who happen to encounter Chuck Hank are encouraged to step away from them should they land near them, and go through the entire cookout event without attempting to leave, to avoid further confrontation with Chuck Hank.

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