Entity 160
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Entity Number: 160

Habitat(s): - Entity 160 can be found on most habitable Levels, and has been sighted by wanderers in all Levels known to the M.E.G.


Entity 160 is the designation given to a wide variety of Entities believed to be native to every habitable Level in the Backrooms. They vary greatly in appearance from one another, but all take on the appearance and mannerisms of "superhero" or "supervillain" characters. These characters are entirely unique, and do not seem to be based on any specific figures in human pop culture. Most specimens of Entity 160 possess only minor supernatural abilities, and all are generally harmless.


Entity 160 specimens presenting as superheroes are generally amiable and friendly to wanderers and benign non-human Entities. On the other hand, those presenting as supervillains are hostile towards wanderers, Entities, and other specimens of Entity 160, often taking steps to sabotage and inconvenience their targets. "Villain" specimens of Entity 160 are rarely encountered without "Hero" specimens, leading some to believe that their relationship is symbiotic in nature.

Entity 160 specimens are capable of vocalization in most known languages. Common focuses of Entity 160 speech include monologues detailing "evil plans," threats directed at other Entity 160 specimens, and reiterations of "backstories.1."


Instances of Entity 160 are usually identical to humans, with some variation. They appear to be dressed in costumes fitting of the characters they present as — upon closer inspection, these costumes have been found to be constructs of unnaturally colored skin and keratin.


Entity 160 was independently discovered within the Backrooms by various wanderers and groups. Details can be found below.


Alias: "Powderman"

Description: A masculine "hero" specimen. Its costume consists of a black bodysuit, knee-high boots, cape, and cowl. It is covered at all times with a powdery white substance, which gives its costume the appearance of being completely white.

Behavior: Powderman can be found in hazardous sections of several Levels, awaiting wanderers. Upon encountering it, it provides advice for survival (mostly consisting of contradicting statements and inaccurate information), and offers to aid and accompany wanderers in their travels. Powderman possesses the ability to produce a powdery, sweet white substance from its fingertips, which it uses to blind hostile entities and "make 'em feel the puff." In the event that the powder coating Powderman's costume is more than halfway washed off, its behaviors become consistent with "villain" specimens, and it becomes hostile to surrounding wanderers; however, this is quickly resolved when it uses its ability to aid in combat, which usually applies a fresh coat of powder to its costume.

Alias: "BrainMind"

Description: A non-humanoid "villain" entity. It consists of approximately twenty-seven human brains suspended in yellow gelatin within a large rectangular glass aquarium, with sixteen irregularly-placed mechanical legs facilitating its movement. It speaks through a telephone receiver, attached to its front with screws with a cord plugged into its frontmost brain.

BrainMind attempts to use its size and appearance to frighten and intimidate any humans or otherwise sentient entities2. All the while, it recites mathematical theorems, miscellaneous scientific facts, and bits of historical trivia of varying accuracy. When questioned as to its motives, it invariably responds with a variation of "[You] shall drown in my immense intellect!"

BrainMind is easy to evade and incapacitate, and does not seem to be particularly intelligent aside from trivial knowledge.

Alias: "Hole Head & Whole Head3"

Description: Hole Head and Whole Head are a duo of a "villain" specimen and a "hero" specimen, respectively. Hole Head is a humanoid entity with a large, featureless toroidal head and black skin, dressed in a black skintight bodysuit, dark grey boots, and a dark grey collared cape. Whole Head is a comparatively normal humanoid dressed in a skintight, light green bodysuit with a matching domino mask.

Hole head and Whole Head are very rarely seen outside of each other's company, and are usually locked in combat, be it physical, verbal, or passive-aggressive. The only supernatural capability possessed by either of them is Hole Head's ability to suspend objects within and forcibly eject objects from the empty space in the middle of its head, which it often uses in combat. This ability is believed to be the source of the animosity between the two Entities — in a wanderer's conversation with Whole Head during an apparent "staring contest" with Hole Head, it stated that Hole Head had "vowed revenge" after Whole Head attempted to re-arrange objects within its head to form an imitation of a face.

Alias: "Pretty Big Lady4"

Description: Pretty Big Lady is a feminine "hero" instance whose costume consists of a simulacrum of a t-shirt and jeans, currently residing within a room in Level 13. Its massive size prevents it from leaving the room, and inhibits its ability to stand or move. Despite this, its attitude is perpetually amiable and optimistic; it has been known to provide directions and survival instructions of varying accuracy to passing wanderers, and providing them its "blessing" by patting their heads.

Alias: "The Red Knight"

Description: Though the being known as the Red Knight is certainly not an instance of Entity 160, it has been observed to assist "hero" instances in combat and come to the aid of wanderers by non-lethally dispatching "villain" entities. The following is a recollection of an encounter of both instances of Entity 160 and the Red Knight, provided by wanderer Giuseppe Mosconi.

It was back when I first got dumped down here, which makes it… three weeks, at this point. Not too long ago, and I still remember it clear enough to tell it.

So, yeah. I woke up one morning on the floor — weird, cuz I had fallen asleep on the couch — felt carpet — weird, because my apartment has hardwood — and after a while of jus' lying there blinking and taking it all in, I decided to finally get up, and… yeah. Miles and miles of dingy yellow walls and buzzing fluorescent lights, et cetera, et cetera, you've heard it all before.

Anyway, like anybody who's just woken up in this hellhole, I decided to walk around and get an idea of where I was, and who's my welcoming party but just the most utterly goddamn terrifying thing I could've seen, this giant fucking fishtank filled with brains with too many legs comin' from behind the corner? I mean, in retrospect I probably shoulda kept my cool, but… yeah. Very nearly pissed myself.

Well, there I was, screaming my head off for help and runnin' away from this thing, when I hear this guy, kinda hammin' it up, like some sorta superhero, saying something cheesy like "Shudder in the face of justice, vile monster!" Heh, I can't even imitate it. So I just stop, and wait, and turn to watch expectin' this guy to hand the brain-spider a piece of its own ass, and then, like…

I guess "belly-flopped" is the right word for what he did, jumpin' in the general direction of the thing and just falling flat on his face. I thought he was dead at first, the way he didn't move, and I resumed screamin' my head off after the brain-thing got back to chasing me. I didn't even care that all it was saying was some shit about Pythagoras or whatever, I was scared, aight? And I knew the other guy wouldn't save my ass, 'cuz soon as he got back up he just ran in the other direction. I thought I was gonna die, man, really did.

But then, just when I thought things couldn't get any more fucking weird, that big-ass knight guy came 'round the corner and just… stood there, lookin' at the both of us. And the brain-thing stopped for a moment, in the middle of givin' me a math lesson, and I could swear it and the knight just stood there and stared at each other for 10 fuckin' minutes. Finally, the thing started on a lecture on Feudalism and started scurrying towards the knight, and the knight took his sword, slipped it under the fishtank, and just flipped the damn thing on its side.

So after he'd led me around and away from that thing (which had, incidentally, started runnin' off equations about an object's center of gravity), of course I had to thank the guy, ask him what his deal was, 'n all that? So I did, but the first thing that came to mind was askin' him if he was like the other guy, like a superhero or some shit, and what his schtick was. And the knight looked down at me for a moment — I was sure he was glaring at me from under his helmet — until he finally, so to speak, opened his mouth.

And let me tell you, I've never heard a man laugh harder.

Additional sighted instances have been recorded in this document.

Do's and Don'ts

Do: Treat instances of Entity 160 with respect, and go along with their heroic or villainous routines. Record any sightings of previously unknown specimens.

Don't: Needlessly antagonize or harm instances of Entity 160. None of them can defend themselves.

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