Entity 155 - “This Meat is Gummy”
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Entity Number: 155

Habitat - Level 10, Level 300


This Meat is Gummy, or what I like to call it. TMIG. [ What? What do you mean it isn’t protocol? Really? The M.E.G. are just some ragtag group of people who draw maps, do we really have to have a specific format for this shit? Whatever.. ]. They look to be an assortment of normal gummy worms. They are… There’s nothing much to say about them, they’re gummy worms. Probably taste like gummy worms too, though no one’s inclined to try them. They don’t appear to be sour gummy worms, and each gummy appears to be one solid colour, no half and half or mixed.


They crawl around like an actual worm would, they aren’t sticky to the touch, and they don’t secrete acid or bite people. Hopefully they don’t give you death by sugar overdose or some shit. I’m getting tired of finding things that kill you if you glance at them. They stay in “herds” of roughly 100 to 150. They look pretty cute for a group of hopefully not deadly creatures.

[begin log]

Arthur: Alright, I’m getting sick and tired of this bullshit, give me the damn worms.

Stanley: Wait, you’re actually going to eat them?

Arthur: Yes man, someone has to make the article, what if these things are like a variant of wormlings… If I die, make sure to record what happens.

Stanley: Jesus, I get it…

Arthur: Phew. Okay. Bottoms up I guess.

Arthur: Holy shit.

Stanley: What? Is it edible?

Nicky: Yeah ask him if we can eat the stupid worms before asking if he’s okay?

Stanley: [muffled sigh] Are you okay Arthur?

Arthur: I might as well be, because I’m in heaven, the red ones taste just like beef. [muffled] Mmph high qualithy ohnes aht that. [audible exhale] That was good. First meat I’ve had in a while. And it doesn’t look like I’m dying, so I guess this is a source of food?

Nicky: Woah what?

Stanley: Wait really? [picks up a handful of blue gummy worms]

Nicky: [mumbling] Greedy fucker.

Stanley: [audible chewing] Goddamn, you’re right!

[end log]

As it turns out, these things are edible, and taste pretty damn good. We spent a few hours experimenting with them, and discovered that the worms can’t actually burn or melt despite the gummy exterior, and taste great basically anyway you eat them. And even though they’re practically raw meat, there’s no need to cook them. Though we do recommend you cooking them, as the uncooked ones taste like raw meat and cooked worms taste properly cooked.


Again, they have the exact same look and feel as a regular gummy worm would. When we cut into one, it felt more like cutting animal fat, rather than gummy worm. They don’t have blood or internal organs either. After wandering around level 10 for a while, just to see if there were any more, we discovered that they originally come from a giant glob of “gummy” roughly the size of a soccer ball. About 200 worms come from what I named, a “Cluster”.

We have no clue where Clusters originate from but you can eat them as well, it’s roughly 2.5 pounds worth of TMIG. We each ate a… steak? A filet? Who knows. But it all tasted like a meat dish we ate back in the Frontrooms. For me it tasted like a nice juicy steak smothered in garlic. Nicky said for him it tasted like a fried chicken steak smothered in gravy. And Stanley’s tasted like chicken tenders.

The worms, pop, out of the mass of gummy worms. It’s sort of like a popping a pimple. The place where the new worm starts bulging out, and after a short amount of time the worm pops out of the bulge in the “Cluster”.


We were wandering around level 10 because we forgot Nicky was still in the level, so we searched until we found him poking some worms with a stalk of wheat. While messing around we discovered that one of these is just about equivalent to eating a small cubes worth of meat. So, they don’t kill you, they taste great, are high quality, and are a healthy source of food as well. We even made a few recipes with these things. Red = Beef, Blue = Pork, Yellow = Chicken, Green = Varies depending on how you use them while cooking. Eaten raw it just tastes like onion.

Recipe 1 Skewered Worms - We take three of each colour and put them on a skewer. Putting one green in between colours, and then roasted them over an open fire for roughly 10-15 minutes. 2-3 skewers serve one person.

Recipe 2 Almond Soup - Cut about 15 of the beef ones into chunks along with 7-10 green ones, and cover it all in about two cups of almond water. Let it boil for about 30-45 minutes. If you followed the directions correctly, you should have something similar to a potato and beef stew. The green worm varies in taste and appearance every time we made the soup, 60% of the time it was potato, 30% of the time was onion, and 10% of the time we got carrots, potato, onion, and a variety of other vegetables. One standard pot serves around 3-4 people.

There is also a special dish you can eat at Tom’s Diner. The best chef in all of the Backrooms in my humble opinion. Assorted Fried Wormies, the name needs work, but the food tastes great.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Grab as many as you can if you find any
  • If you have the chance take the cluster


  • Leave without taking any

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