Entity 154
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Entity Number: 154

Habitat(s): Majority of Levels


Entity 154 is a humanoid female entity estimated to be around 17 to 19 years of age. She calls herself Ambrosia and appears as a pale, black haired, blue eyed female standing at around 5’ 7, or 170 cm. She can often be seen wearing a medium length black skirt and matching pump shoes over black leggings and a white blouse. She wears a necklace chain with a small golden ring strung on it around her neck, usually hidden by her blouse or hair. She can be found on all known levels of the backrooms, seeming to not stay in one place for much time. One location she is most frequently found is Level 906, where she can be seen reading from books in the library or drinking tea.


She wanders around the Backrooms, seemingly without much of a reason. She is friendly to other wanderers and will often talk to them, giving them advice on navigating and travelling through the backrooms, and has also been known to give wanderers food and water. She will aid wanderers if they are hurt or being pursued by a hostile entity, showing exceptional medical and combat capabilities. Although she is friendly, she prefers to stay alone and does not seem to enjoy spending time around others for prolonged periods of time.


Ambrosia's biology is seemingly normal, human, when examined by just sight and touch. However, more extensive tests done on her have turned back results that do not comply with what would be expected. These results range from non-human life matter, such as plant or animal DNA, to toxins and poisons in place of blood. At this time, it is unknown what exactly she is, as further testing has proven difficult.

Additional Info:

She has been reported to speak many languages, both known and unknown. She has showcased exceptional intelligence, strength, hearing, and sight. She has also claimed to possess the power to manipulate all around her, although that claim has not been proven as of the writing of this article.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Be polite
  • Ask for assistance if you need it


  • Act hostile towards the entity

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