Entity 150 - “Zade”
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Entity Number: 150

Habitat(s): Level 0


A manifestation of Entity 150.

Entity 150, more commonly known as Zade is an intelligent, highly aggressive entity located within Level 0.


Zade appears on every 1 out of 2,500 pieces of paper in Level 0 on average. He appears when the piece of paper is not being viewed or surveilled from any angle by any person or any other entity.

Zade, at first appears to be docile and even friendly, willing to help survivors through Level 0, and to inform them of where to get supplies. Unfortunately, this kindness is all just a ruse for the darker side of Zade.

Zade, once acquiring his victim’s trust, will kindly introduce himself, and start to offer more advice before extending a hand out from the paper to snatch his victim’s throat to drag them into the paper. It is currently unknown how the hand is able to extend out into the third dimension from the paper.

Once inside the paper, the victim will be devoured by Entity 150-B, also known as “Kilme”. Kilme appears to be unintelligent and incapable of communication, unlike Zade. It is unknown if the two are the same entity, but they always appear side-by-side.


Zade’s appearance on the paper is that of a grizzled old man wearing a strange sort of hat. He is completely shirtless, and missing his bottom half, although he seems to function quite well without it. Zade‘s mouth does move when he is speaking, and he is able to speak fluent English as well as Mandarin Chinese.

Kilme however, is nothing like Zade. He is incapable of speech, as well as possesses a lower body and legs. His appearance is that of a miniature Zade, except with much smaller and frail arms as well as strange horns instead of a hat. The horns do however appear similar to Zade’s hat.

Kilme’s jaw can detach and reattach as Kilme pleases, allowing the jaw to open as wide as it needs to. Kilme typically prefers to eat his victims whole.

Zade and Kilme are comprised 100% of paper, and therefore is vulnerable to fire, as well as tearing attacks. He manifests on any paper, no matter what color, size or shape. There can be multiple manifestations of Zade at any given time. Zade de-manifests if there are no victims around for Kilme to consume, or if the paper is destroyed or ruined in such a way to be uninhabitable for Zade, typically by tearing it. Zade can still reappear on the shreds however, so be warned.

Survival Guide:

Avoid paper unless completely necessary. If it is necessary to interact with paper, check both sides for any sort of face or unexpected marking, as this could indicate a materialization of Zade.

If you come into contact with Zade, report it to M.E.G. operatives immediately and try to destroy the paper as soon as possible, whether by tearing it, burning it or any other method.

Kilme and Zade will not actively target all individuals, and are even completely passive to some, although the criteria for being one of these special people that are not targeted is unknown.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Tear up the page Zade appears on.
  • Try to intimidate or threaten Zade, as this postpones his attacks.


  • Allow Zade to help you.
  • Touch Kilme whether in or out of the paper.

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