Entity 15 - "Insanities"
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A fourth stage Insanity found on Level 1.

Entity Number: 15

Habitat - Majority


These creatures are zombie like humans that went insane in the backrooms. Only one picture was taken when they were terminated. They are usually found in the lower Levels, and are pretty common. This usually starts when a Human goes insane in The Backrooms. after a while they will start to attack people, and they will start to act like a Skin-Stealer, their skin will become more reddish, and they will develop holes on their body, and develop a Large smile over time.


These Entities were once human before, so some might not attack. If they proceed to attack, some will have weapons, or items, but most are very slow but still be careful, as the more insane they are the more speed they will have. They usually make low grunts and moans, but some will make High pitched grunts and Maniacal Laughs that are very loud, you can take this sound info and listen to see if they are dangerous or not. Rarely you can save one, or yourself with "Almond Water", before they turn into this state. But, if all of their bodily fluids have developed into "Almond Water", Before your intervention, which at that point, they cannot be cured. The M.E.G. is researching more about this Entity's behaviors at the moment, as it seems to change quite often. There is rumors of a Friendly Full Insanity that still has human sentience, although this is unknown.


These Entities have around four (4) Stages of development called 'Insanitation'. The first is just an insane person, some might be dangerous, but is easily savable with Almond Water. The Second is when their skin starts to become a reddish-brown tone of color, and the Wanderer seems to be more confused then average, and Almond Water is still helpful at this stage. The Third Stage is when they start to Develop Holes in their body. At this point, it is possible that their bodily fluids become Almond Water or not, that is when it varies if Almond Water works as a cure or not. The forth and final stage is when the Insanity takes full effect, and they develop a large open smile, mostly without teeth. And they develop large eyes, that move all around non-stop. This is the point where Almond Water no longer works to cure the Entity.


The Insanity was first discovered when a group on Level 2 known as "The Survivors" were getting their base attacked by this Entity. Shortly after a Wanderer known as Austin had terminated the Entity soon after. you may find the whole event log here: M.E.G. The Discovery Of The Insanity.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Try to save one with Almond Water before the final stage.
  • Always drink your Almond Water, if you start to feel the loss of sanity.
  • Listen to the pitch of their voice, to determine the difficulty of the Entity.


  • Don't try to save one when the Entity gotten to the final stage.
  • Lose, or ignore your Almond Water, for your own safety.

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