Entity 147
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Eye of a Entity 147 instance.

Entity Number: 147

Habitat - Majority, more common in Levels inhabited by humans


Entity 147 instances are humanoid creatures that practically are identical to humans, except for the fact that they have four arms. They often have unnaturally colored eyes- specifically, shades of purple. Entity 147 instances often wear sleeved clothing in order to hide their arms. They seem to be sapient and aware of their inhuman nature.


Entity 147 instances tend to act much like humans and are very group oriented, often sticking in groups of three or more. They tend to create structures out of their surroundings in order to survive. Entity 147 instances often hunt with guerilla warfare-like tactics, and only survive off of meat. They often trade with humans for resources during huge deficits of supplies, such as meat, Almond Water, and materials for shelters. They have developed their own cultures in areas that they've created outposts. The exception to this human-like behavior is their rage state. Whenever they hear the words "It's only a matter of time," they immediately enter an uncontrollable state in which they lose control of their body and lunge towards the person who spoke said words (who from now on will be referred to as the victim) in an attempt to tear the victim into shreds. Although hard to destroy, they are not indestructible. Sharp weapons and heavier military rounds have proved most effective against them, proving to easily penetrate their muscle tissue. Crossbows are heavily suggested. Use firearms if possible. Civilian rounds and spiked weapons also have been proven to work, though their success has been less consistent. Upon killing the victim, or getting itself killed, the rage state ends. Entity 147 instances do not remember anything happening during their rage state.

Culture and Civilization Structure

Entity 147 instances often create civilizations reminiscent of rural hunting villages. Purple seems to hold an odd level of significance in their culture, though the reason for this obsession is unknown. Though their languages vary, they seem to understand English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese. Outposts of Entity 147 instances seem to have obsessions over two beings. These beings are known as "The Gardener" and "The Mariner." Both figures seem to specialize in creating levels. The Gardener specializes in making nature-based levels, while the Mariner focuses on aquatic ones. These deity-like figures are of extreme importance to most Entity 147 instances, and so it is best not to disrespect them. Outposts made by Entity 147 instances often have varying views on these two individuals. These views vary from generally respected and loved to disdained and avoided in conversations. Though pictures of these deities have not been taken, artistic representations are provided here. Each Entity 147 instance plays an integral role in their outpost. The most important of these being the hunter. The hunter often hunts game for their outpost to eat. Other integral roles include chefs, cleaners, and blacksmiths. Entity 147 outposts often have little to no governmental structures or officials. All decisions are made collectively by every instance in the outpost. The architecture of these outposts vary by level. Please refer to this list provided below for more specific information.


Entity 147 instances are visually identical to humans, excluding the aforementioned four arms and unnaturally shaded eyes. Internal biology varies heavily, but each instance consistently has bigger muscles and more durable bones in comparison to the average human. Blunt force often can tear muscle, but not anything further. They seem to have some sort of night vision. This is possibly correlated to their purple eyes, though this has not been confirmed. Their brains are identical to those of Homo sapiens. The purpose of their "rage state" is not well understood as of yet.


During a supply run by several Wanderers in Level 81 someone uttered the words "It's only a matter of time" and immediately got tackled by what looked like a normal human being with bright purple eyes and was immediately torn to shreds. The rest of the group ran away in confusion and fear as the instance returned to its docile state. They returned to a nearby M.E.G. outpost and report the situation. Thanks to photographic and video evidence, it was confirmed to be a previously unknown entity. Diplomatic relationships are currently being attempted.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Be careful with what you say.
  • Upon encountering a new Wanderer, observe their hands and arms carefully.
  • Carry a sharp weapon or ranged weapon at all times.


  • Treat them as anything less than human.
  • Say "It's only a matter of time," unless you are absolutely sure there are no Entity 147 instances in the area.
  • Use eye color as a reason for your suspicions.
  • Use Violence against them unless absolutely necessary.

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