Entity 143 - "Snatcher Weeds"
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Entity Number: 143

Habitat - Majority, The Cultivator's Courthouse


Snatcher Weeds are crimson plants that can be found on the grounds of a large number of Levels within the Backrooms. Instances of Entity 143 have been shown to be hostile to most wanderers and entities.


Snatcher Weeds, while on the ground, are crimson in color - only turning black when pulled out. They come together in tight clumps, stretching out only when in presence of prey. Most Snatcher Weeds are capable of extending up to 5-7 feet in length, making it difficult to dodge their attacks. Such instances of Snatcher Weeds have been described as "strangely sticky" by those unlucky enough to encounter them. Wanderers have also reported an odd scent, akin to burning. These Entities are also known to be able to release toxins. While their exact chemical composition is unknown, these toxins have shown effects similar to the consumption of Liquid Pain.

Unlike normal weeds, Entity 143 leaves are incredibly sharp, capable of causing lacerations and, in rare cases, dismemberment. The stems are covered in small, sharp thorns as well. Although difficult due to their variation in length and thickness, it is possible to cut Snatcher Weeds off. Doing so will cause them to harden, which makes Snatcher Weeds very useful weapons for those lucky enough to cut a satisfying amount of their stem.

All efforts to cultivate Snatcher Weeds have yielded no results, with one notable exception: the Cultivator has been observed to be able to plant instances of Entity 143 using a vial, rumored to contain his own tears. However, it is possible to hasten its growth with sprits of Liquid Pain for reasons yet to be determined. That being said, they are capable of growing in a majority of Levels, excluding groundless Levels and Levels with temperatures below 25º F (-3.8º C).


Snatcher Weeds act like normal weeds when not within a five-foot radius from wanderers or entities. However, when the targets are within range, the behavior of Entity 143 instances becomes erratic; often, Snatcher Weeds will make any attempt to harm the being before them, be it by cutting, strangling, or releasing a deadly toxin. Some, however, do not get harmed by Snatcher Weeds at all, although this is rare1. Conversely, when in the presence of The Cultivator, they seem to be under his complete control, contorting and moving to his will.


Snatcher Weeds were first discovered by M.E.G. Team Sacrosanct Searchers, led by Wyatt Evergreen, whilst exploring Level 10. It's to be noted that after this encounter, multiple sightings of a massive Clump were reported.

Written below is a transcript documenting the encounter in which the aforementioned team came face-to-face with a cluster of Snatcher Weeds, controlled by The Cultivator himself.

Do's and Dont's:


  • Stay at least five feet away from instances of Entity 143.
  • When encountering Snatcher Weeds, cut as many as possible to kill them.


  • Don't get closer than five feet to them.
  • Spray Liquid Pain on the weeds.
  • Let yourself get corrupted.

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