Entity 142
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Entity 142, colloquially known as "Evolution Engine," is a solitary, hyper-carnivorous apex predator capable of evolving traits that enables it to survive in any environment; for example, resistance to extreme temperatures, a trait necessary to survive certain levels such as Level 93 or Level 440.

It is generally apathetic towards humanoid entities, such as Facelings, and will usually ignore them unless provoked or desperately hungry.
As for humans, it generally ignores them, but can and will attack if it is provoked. Typically, very few survive these attacks.

Entity 142 is also completely immune to neurological and physiological effects, such as the effects of the pastries on Level 67 or the radiation on Level 10.1. This trait exists to ensure that it can survive in any level.


Currently, Entity 142 is a lean yet muscular humanoid standing at a height of approximately seven feet tall, with cyan skin and a spherical head which floats above its thorax, rectangular black eyes with white irises, and extremely large pupils, which are said to provide it with exceptional night vision.

It features two slightly arched black claws on its wrists, measuring approximately 16 inches in length, which are used for climbing, fighting, and constructing nests, among other purposes. Additionally, after Encounter Report 142-1, there is thought to be a layer of chitin1 underneath skin that protects it from projectiles and explosives.
Researchers believe that this chitin layer exists because it is unaffected by explosives or projectiles of any sort.

Note that this description is subject to change as the entity adapts to different environments, so when in doubt, check for these key features: claws on its wrists, rectangular eyes, cyan skin, and a humanoid build. If all of these traits are present, it is likely to be Entity 142.


Its ability to evolve gives it remarkable survivability, but it is also extremely taxing, and micro-adaptations are constant due to the ever-shifting nature of the Backrooms. Therefore, it must eat titanic quantities of food to sustain its evolution.

Most theorists define a major evolution as any adaptation that significantly affects its bodily functions; for instance, on Level 7, it may adapt gills to help it breathe underwater, flexible muscle to help it swim faster, or stronger night-vision to see in the water.

During a major evolution, Entity 142 will construct a nest to make it safer to evolve and enter a state of suspended animation2 to conserve energy. The time it spends in suspended animation is unclear, but it is speculated that the time spent is proportional to the scale of the evolution.

Once the evolution is complete, it will break out via extreme blunt force and re-emerge. Immediately after, it will exhibit an increased appetite and begin hunting non-stop, attempting to eat as much as possible, presumably to replenish the energy lost from evolving. After eating enough to replenish spent energy, it returns to its usual behaviors.

All of these enormous food requirements, whether in or out of hibernation, necessitate a way to quickly travel between levels, which explains one critical behavior.

The aforementioned "critical behavior" is that Entity 142 marks exit doors with green scratch marks, presumably made using its claws.
Researchers suggest that it does this to generate "checkpoints" so that it can quickly navigate towards "desirable" levels, namely those with a high entity population. It is thought that this is done to fuel its evolution.

This may explain its preference for levels that are traditionally considered 'dangerous', such as Level 9.

Despite the utility of these marks, especially for wanderers, exit doors on levels where the entity has enacted this behavior appear far less frequently.
This drastically increases the time wanderers spend locating an exit, making it more likely that they will be killed by other entities, subjected to insanity, or a level's passive effects that are fatal.

If sightings of this Entity are reported, wanderers are advised to contact M.E.G. agents or bases in the area as soon as possible for the safety of everyone in the level.

Its prey preference seems to be skewed towards large and vaguely humanoid entities, such as Skin-Stealers, but if it has not eaten for a considerable period of time, it will eat anything, including corpses.

Moreover, its general preference towards dangerous, large entities has caused it to develop immunity to biological, neurological or any other effect that other entities are capable of afflicting it with, such as a Scream Eater's emotional effects on nearby entities.

Related to its constant hunger, Entity 142 prefers to search for food in dark areas, as hunting in dark areas is thought to reduce the chance of prey escaping, with its success further complemented by its remarkable nightvision.

Upon finding a suitable area, it hunts by endurance, continually sprinting after its prey to run them down.
If successful, it will wrestle prey to the ground and attempt to kill them via decapitation or by inflicting severe blunt force.

After getting a kill, it will patrol a large perimeter around the carcass, displaying increased aggression, possibly in order to prevent its kill from being stolen, and following this behavior, it consumes the carcass.
It will not enact this behavior if it has recently emerged from an evolution, instead opting to eat the carcass quickly so that it can move on to the next hunt.

Post-evolution, instead of eating the entire carcass, it eats all of the flesh on the body and moves on, leaving a mostly intact skeleton that usually exhibits fractures or splinters; by contrast, most normal kills are cleaner, leaving close to nothing behind, including most of the bones.

As mentioned before, Entity 142 normally ignores humans and humanoid entities, as it considers them not worth hunting.
However, if it is provoked for too long, it will attempt to scare them away via intimidation. If the wanderer continues to provoke it, it will attack them, attempting to destroy their brainstem or spinal cord.

For this reason, the M.E.G. has warned any wanderers who come across this entity to stay away and to not antagonize this entity. If it learns to associate humans with threats, it will start killing people en-masse, along with entities.


Entity 142 was discovered by M.E.G. agents after they caught a glimpse of it presumably chasing a different entity on Level 3. Though this discovery did not verify its existence beyond a reasonable doubt, the multitude of encounters following it would corroborate its presence.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Try to gain as much distance as possible when encountered.
  • If you cannot, try to appear non-threatening.
  • If you see a skeleton on the floor, leave the area immediately.


  • Intentionally provoke it.
  • Continue to provoke it after it becomes aggressive.

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