Entity 139 - "The Puppeteer"
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Entity Number: 139

Habitat - N/A


The Puppeteer takes the appearance of a 6-year-old girl of Anglo-Saxonic descent. She stands at approximately 4'2 tall, and has been commonly seen with her brown hair styled in a ponytail, wearing an outfit consisting of a black hoodie, black track pants, and a purple T-shirt with a logo that doesn't seem to fit any known company from The Frontrooms. The Puppeteer can be seen wandering around the Backrooms with the same two puppets, one on each of her hands. She has demonstrated the ability to turn wanderers into puppets, but she has only done that out of anger so far.


The Puppeteer has shown to be very intelligent, far beyond what would be expected from a 6-year-old. When she is either alone or unaware of the presence of others, The Puppeteer talks to the puppets on her hands. If there is someone nearby, she will usually seek them out and try to talk to them.1 When talking to a wanderer, The Puppeteer acts friendly to them. If she happens to like a wanderer, she may seek them out more actively and may try to help them in some situations. However, if one were to make her upset or angry, she will either start crying or shouting at the person. In this scenario, she usually calms herself by venting to her puppets. However, if one were to make her upset or angry, she usually responds with crying or screaming. This is known to attract and aggravate entities in the area so it is best to slowly walk away from her and avoid escalating the situation. Further angering The Puppeteer will result in her turning you into a puppet. This entity is known to have a sadistic side. So far she has only displayed these sadistic tendencies to the people she has turned into puppets. She will torture the puppet in a variety of ways, which includes but not limited to, tearing it apart and flaying the puppet. She seems to take pleasure in doing so. Her puppets have varying degrees of personality.


The Puppeteer appears almost indistinguishable from a 6-year-old girl, with one notable difference. She has no hands. In place of them are the aforementioned puppets. To compensate for her lack of hands, she uses the hands of her puppets for her everyday actions. These puppets are made out of a silk-like substance and are sentient, and are known to speak and act of their own accord.

The Puppets

The Puppeteer always has two puppets on her hands, which go by the names Max and Ellie.2 Max has the appearance of a human male child with blonde hair and a red hoodie, while Ellie has the appearance of a human female teen with black hair and glasses. Max is known to be mischievous and playful, the puppet has shown to act friendly to humans. Ellie, however, is known to be more closed off and reserved, acting cold and unforgiving towards humans, unlike Max.


The Puppeteer was first discovered on 12/6/20 by two unnamed wanderers on Level 4. While the details are blurry, it is believed that the wanderers initially thought that she was human before one of them angered her, causing her to turn the wanderer into a puppet.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Be kind to her.
  • Calm her down if she becomes angry or sad.
  • Slowly walk away if she's unable to be calmed down.


  • Approach her if she is already angry.
  • Insult her or her puppets.

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