Entity 137 - "The Musician"
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A quick sketch of The Musician made by a wanderer.

Entity #: 137

Habitat(s) - Majority of levels, The Atelier, Entity 65


The Musician1 is a tall, slender entity that is often seen wearing some form of pinstripe suit and a top hat, although the colors and designs may vary. It usually dons gloves that match their outfit, though is sometimes seen without them. To see a full log of the outfits he has worn, view Outfit Log 137-A.

The Musician is often found wandering around various levels in the Backrooms with his hands folded behind his back. No particular pattern to his travels has been found at this time, so it’s assumed he chooses at random. In levels that have multiple rooms, he can be observed checking each of them, presumably for any wanderers that may need assistance. You can tell when he’s near based off of the sound of music playing. However, it is suggested to listen to the music carefully first, as it could be an entity pretending to be him.

His music has been found to have a sort of "area effect" that makes many hostile entities either docile or completely passive when in his presence. Some entities have been found to avoid the music entirely,2 however, this doesn't work on every hostile entity. On the occasion he comes across an entity its music doesn't have an effect on, he takes extreme precautions, often knowing exactly how to take care of said entity. Anyone he is traveling with that is within this area of effect is not affected by the music. He also seems to possess the ability to no-clip to whatever level or area he wants at will.


He is very friendly to those it encounters unless provoked, offering them Almond Water, food, protection, or even a way out of whatever level they’re in. He’s very sociable and almost always willing to walk with wanderers and chat about most anything, exemplifying a wide array of knowledge in several subjects. His best subjects include music, instruments, and anything pertaining to the Backrooms, according to the Musician himself. However, when asked about anything pertaining to Entity 138, he exhibits a mild level of disgust towards it and doesn’t elaborate further. There are theories that the two entities have some sort of history or familial bond with one another, but as of now there is very little evidence to support it.

He seems to have an awareness of how unsettling he may appear to wanderers, so if anyone is frightened by his presence he’ll apologize and leave them alone. When insulted or spoken to disrespectfully, he will often scold or berate whoever is being rude before leaving them be.

When provoked or attacked, he showcases one of two attack abilities of his. His preferred method is by blasting the music that naturally plays when he’s around to up to 200 decibels, either stunning or completely damaging the hearing of his target(s). His less common, but more effective, method of attack is by transforming one or both of his hands into silver claws to slash and cut at his target and mangle their body beyond recognition. He appears to not like this method due to the grotesque nature of it, often recoiling in visible disgust at the sight of his victim after the fact.

He has demonstrated an impressive level of skill or familiarity with a vast range of instruments and shows an extreme passion for the craft. According to it, he’s more partial to the violin and piano but still loves all kinds of instruments and music. On very rare occasions, he can be found playing some form of instrument. It’s most common to find him performing in Entity 65.


The Musician’s anatomy is almost identical to a normal human’s biology. He is estimated to be around 6’5-6’10 feet tall (though some claim he may be even taller) and is very slender. He has all organs that a male human would usually have, the majority of which function the same. He has the ability to eat, sleep, drink, and overall perform basic bodily functions, but he does not seem to have as much of a need for them and can go long periods of time without getting hungry, thirsty, or tired.

In addition to this, it is also susceptible to wounds, but appears to have a very high pain tolerance. Their blood is a slightly darker red than human blood, but is the same otherwise. Despite being susceptible to harm, he seems to be impervious to normally fatal attacks, such as decapitation, blood loss, head trauma, and many others.


The first recorded evidence of The Musician was made by Cameron Fleetwood in Level 20 on May 26th of 1999. A transcript of this encounter can be found under “Interview Logs.”

Audio Logs

There are currently no audio logs available. As recordings are gathered, they will be uploaded here in a timely manner.

Interview Logs


Time: 2:35 PM (14:35)
Recorder: Mobile Phone
Location: Level 20
Interviewer: Cameron Fleetwood
Interviewee: The Musician


Time: 10:32 AM
Recorder: Mobile phone
Location: Level 128
Interviewer: Michelle Laurens
Interviewee: The Musician


Time: 12:45 PM
Recorder: Security Camera
Location: MEG Headquarters
Interviewer: Jane Lockwell
Interviewee: The Musician

[Note: Parts of the actual interview have been cut out for brevity. Only parts that answer important questions or provide important information are included.]


Outfit Log 137-A

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Listen carefully to the music before approaching
  • Be polite
  • Trust him3


  • Attack him
  • Be disrespectful
  • Attempt to harm him in any way
  • Go towards the music without listening first
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