Entity 136 - "Coders"
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A photographic image of a coder found in a Laptop on Level 400

Habitat - Level 400


Entity 136, also known as coders, are friendly humanoid entities found exclusively on Level 400 They can be easily identified by their red hoodies, under which only a black void is visible. Coders offer food, water and Wi-Fi to all Wanderers passing by. They also possess great expertise in the field of IT, and are eager to help Wanderers encountering issues in this domain. The M.E.G. recommends Wanderers in need of tech help to head to Level 400 and approach them for assistance.


Coders generally behave like regular human beings, though they do not seem to require food or water for sustenance.

Coders are obsessed with modern electronics. They are known to trade (or even freely share) resources such as food, almond water, and weaponry for technology. They accept all forms of modern computer technology as valid currency, including PCs, mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, internet cables, monitors, computer mice. Coders will accept most electronic devices regardless of their physical condition, unless they are unsalvageably damaged.

For a negligible fee, coders are also eager to offer Wanderers IT help, optimization, hardware repairs, antivirus set-up, and similar tech-related services. They are highly skilled, working with greater speed and expertise than most trained human tech-support staff. Wanderers are strongly encouraged to visit Level 400 and approach them for assistance in these domains.

Coders have often been observed participating in ritualistic behaviour, and have often been observed kneeling prostrate, in circles of ten or more, before technological appliances, while chanting the phrase 'mind is software'. Though such practices may seem disturbing to Wanderers, this is simply a harmless part of their culture, and should not prevent Wanderers approaching coders for assistance.


Coders are almost human in appearance, apart from the fact that their heads are replaced by what appears to be a black void. All coders appear to wear some form of red hoodie or robe. The physical biology of the coders is obscure, and little else is known.


Coders were discovered after a M.E.G. Operative accidentally no-clipped into Level 400. The coders proceeded to assist the Operative by providing him with refreshments, and even replaced the Operative's cracked mobile phone screen before sending him on his way.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Approach them
  • Request for assistance, trade or IT services


  • Be afraid to approach them because of their practices
  • Be disrespectful or mean to them for no reason, because of how helpful they are to everyone

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