Entity 135 - "The Bellhopper"
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Entity Number: 135


made with love.

Habitat: The Hotel.

My dearest Bellhopper,

I do not know when you came into my life, but ever since you did I was unable to ever take my eyes off of you. Ever since that fateful day you arrived at my hotel you've done nothing but wonders for me and my cause. For what reason I do not know, but I am more than grateful for it.

You fascinate me with how you take their belongings with such gentle care, while knowing exactly what comes after. Giving them the sweet mercy I simply could not have.

Your ever-changing face is more beautiful than the last, amazing me with the delicate detailing, time, and care put in every single one. I wonder to myself everyday how you do it. Being even able to see you is like a gift in itself, no matter how horrific others may say you are. There is often beauty in what lurks in the dark, you know.

I believe I've fallen head over heels for you, something I did not even know I could experience. Though I can see I've clearly been proven wrong, I guess there's more to me than a cold black heart after all.

I hope to hear back from you soon, perhaps we can even maybe talk over some tea or coffee. Whatever you would like best,

Sincerely and lovingly, your one and only Gentleman.

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