Entity 134
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CONTENT WARNING: The following contains graphic imagery including: MUTILATION, MAIMING, CENTIPEDES, TORTURE Viewer discretion is advised.

- PapaSnowy

Entity #: 134
Habitat: Unknown


The clearest photo of Entity 134 in Level 180.


Entity 134, also known as Phobic Centipedes, are shadow-like centipedal organisms that lurk in the shadows of levels. It is unknown which level these entities originate from. However, it has been noted that Entity 134 tends to lurk in Level 180 in higher quantities. These entities have the capability of communicating with any individual in a sapient manner. Any documented images or videos of Entity 134 show heavy distortion and static that make the image or video unrecognizable.


Entity 134 instances are hostile creatures that lurk and hide in dark areas of levels to wait for wanderers. When a wanderer is seen, Entity 134 will then replicate one of that individual's loved one's face and voice to lure them into the dark. When the wanderer is close to Entity 134, it will use its humanoid arms and grab and drag the victim towards it and maim them.1 At this point, Entity 134 will psychologically and physically torture the victim into believing that they will never escape or that their loved ones are enemies. This often leads to death or psychosis.

After Entity 134 has maimed the victim, it will begin its torturous activities by making the victim hallucinate their phobias. This has been described as being similar to sleep paralysis. All senses during these hallucinations are active and can feel, smell, and hear everything. All while doing this, Entity 134 can be heard cackling and laughing at the victim.

In the instance of the victim escaping Entity 134, it will then chase the victim and anomalously extend its arms to catch the victim. Corpses of the victims can rarely be found in corners or small crevices. It is unknown how Entity 134 gets rid of the corpses and all traces of them. It is hypothesized that Entity 134 instances kill their victims for the satisfaction and enjoyment of it rather than for sustanance and energy. This follows the theory that Entity 134 does not need to eat.

When a wanderer is near Entity 134, they will experience an immense state of anxiety and dread. This feeling will greatly increase when the wanderer gets closer. If a wanderer believes the imitations Entity 134 produces, these feelings will change into euphoria and comfort.


Entity 134 is a centipedal creature that is completely black in coloration. Entity 134's body emits a black, smoke-like substance that has an unknown chemical compound. Entity 134 has approximately 12,000 legs as well as two humanoid arms. These arms are 1.8 meters in length but can extend to an indeterminate length. The hands attached to these arms are abnormally large with a width of 25.4 centimeters. This entity possesses claw-like fingers that are capable of mutilating bodies very quickly.

It possesses a humanoid head and cranium that appears to be female. This also includes human hair. This face appears to be smiling/grinning constantly and will not change until it morphs. The eyes on these faces appear to be glowing a soft shade of white in the dark, but stop glowing in the light.

The head/face attached to Entity 134 has the ability to change and morph into a wanderer's loved one. This will change its face, head shape, and different key features. Its vocal cords will also morph into that wanderer's loved one's, allowing Entity 134 to speak with that individual's voice to near perfection. Although the voice Entity 134 produces is slightly distorted. These imitations tend to be slightly lower in pitch and have a slight raspiness. However, these distortions are hard to differentiate from their original counterpart.

Entity 134 possesses an organ on the center in its abdomen that emits electromagnetic waves that creates interference with any optical equipment used near it.


Entity 134 was discovered inside Level 180 when it was crawling out of a grave while saying in a voice similar to that of an elderly person, "Come here , sweetheart. Grandma misses you". When a wanderer nearby heard that voice and went towards Entity 134, it picked up the wanderer and paralyzed him by hitting his head on a grave. M.E.G. explorers retreated from Entity 134 and documented it.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Avoid dark areas.
  • Do not respond to voices that seem fake.
  • Run if being chased.
  • Call for help.


  • Follow strange voices.
  • Go into dark areas.
  • Go past areas with glowing eyes.

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