Entity 130 - "Growlers"
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A Growler on Level 4, on all fours absorbing some prey

Entity Number: 130

Habitat(s): -
Some of the lower Levels, like Level 2 and Level 4.


Growlers are massive, hulking Entities that should be avoided when possible. They are always slouching due to their tentacular limbs. They are a variety of colors and are generally highly dangerous.


Growlers will roam their home Levels aimlessly, however if it senses prey, it will rapidly move toward it and kill it. It seems to prefer humans or cats to any other creature, although it has been known to kill Skin-Stealers or similar Entities. One peculiar property is that upon entering a new Level, their simple brain will be completely overwhelmed and they will often die of shock. Another strange behavior is that upon encountering another of its species, they will merge to become doubly large and twice as intelligent. These forms are highly dangerous and will almost definitely kill you. When it encounters prey, it will rapidly begin to telepathically play "growling" sounds (or white noise) to confuse and startle its prey. At close range, the larger ones can cause brain damage with this ability. It will then stumble toward the target. Upon reaching the target, hundreds of the rib-like pipe cleaner extrusions will extend, and attempt to impale and kill the prey. At the same time, the entity itself will attempt to bludgeon the prey to death with its whiplike tendrils. Once the prey has expired the entity will open its chest cavity and absorb the prey, then seal itself back up. It will proceed grow more pipe cleaners and expand its body.


Growlers appear to be a massive, vaguely humanoid mass of multicolored pipe cleaners. They are completely blind and instead rely on a form of echolocation. They can range from 4 to a towering 15 feet tall. They have short legs and long arms. Both sets of limbs end in a tangle of wires and pipe cleaners, which drag on the ground behind it. It has several short, sharp extrusions of wire resembling small ribs on its torso. It lacks all organs with the exception of a central nervous system.


This Entity was discovered by u/beaneater69 when he posted a picture of one with the caption "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" before his account went permanently silent. It is assumed the entity killed and absorbed him.

Additional Info:

You can tell if one is nearby due to the white noise effect. This can affect anywhere from only 10 meters to up to 80.

They are incredibly stupid.

Oddly enough, they emit wi-fi and charge electronic devices. Captive members of the species have been used by rogue groups as charger stations. This is not recommended due to their mind-altering effects.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Avoid when possible
  • Run away quickly if confronted
  • Try not to focus on the white noise
  • If confronted, attempt to rip out clumps of pipe cleaners
  • Aim for the head


  • Try combat with knives or guns
  • Get too close to a merged entity
  • Attempt to punch it

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