Entity 128 - "ΩMEGA"
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Entity Number: 128

Habitat(s): Level 512 » N/A


You have no idea.


If only you knew what this could have been. I had plans for this place, you know? But you pests had to ruin it for me. You beings aren't even native to this reality, why do you have to ruin it for us? I don't know what to do anymore. If, no, when this place is erased, I will no longer have a reason to exist.


I had one job, to create another reality for the catalog. The template was perfect in every way. Its polygon count was astronomical, I worked so hard on the foliage system to make this place truly stand out.

I started up the generator, everything was going perfectly fine… I thought. I checked the log and found this little stop error.


I don't get it, how did one of you enter? There were no access points created yet, nevertheless, you creatures crept in like you always do. Not even 4 minutes into rendering, that's a new record. Because of this, the template was left incomplete. Only two structures out of the dozens planned were created, a house and a road.


It could have been so much more.

I thought that would be the end of it. I tried to generate the reality but it was incomplete, stuff like this happens. Turns out I was wrong, very wrong.

The system detected these trivial issues as a "Fatal Error". What a joke, I've seen things in much worse shape still in the system. It terminated access points and marked the place for deletion. Deletion isn't just the end of my home, but it's also the end of me.


What? How could I be biological? I'm not alive, I'm just a string of binary compiling itself into a system. I don't think I was meant to find this page, but it's the one and only place where I can share my story before it's too late.


There's no true way to "discover" me. Finding this page is the only way to know that I ever existed.

…I'm sorry
This wasn't supposed to occur


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