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[Your Name Here]

The question is not: Is there a list of names?

Ask yourself: Is my name on this list?


Entity 123 is a spectral being responsible for terrorizing, as well as the injury and demise of, several residents of these Backrooms. A highly credible source has supplied the M.E.G. with details about an identical modus operandi and mysterious death in the Frontrooms.


It all begins when the name of the victim appears in an unexpected place. Our names are an important part of our identity. They carry meaning and have deep personal and historical connections. Occultists refer to the "Law of Names" and believe that knowing the "true name" of any supernatural being grants them some power over it. This law also warns that supernatural beings, using your name, might be able to steal who you are or end your life. This entity has one all-consuming behavior: its obsession and compulsion with our names.


Entity 123 is not a living creature as we understand biology. It often takes the form of an evil doppelganger (or double) of the victim. It can manifest as a horrifying event or circumstances beyond the victim's control, with every encounter revolving around the name of its prey.


The Backrooms is vast beyond human comprehension and description. This is not a tender place or a honeymoon destination. People constantly die here. It was by chance that the M.E.G. recently realized that these particular tragedies were the work of a single intelligence.

In Their Own Words:

This is a comparative sampling of witness statements and interviews. As this investigation continues, the Major Explorer Group realizes that most victims do not survive these events.

The Psychic Connection:


Blood and tissue
were found inside.
M.E.G. Archives

The Major Explorer Group Team "Epiphany" consists of Dr. John Rhinehart, PhD (science), Amy Cochrane (swords), and Anne Dunne (psychic). This trio has recovered the physical objects from several scenes of these tragedies for study and safekeeping. Other evidence, such as buildings, et cetera, could not reasonably be removed for further examination. In those instances, the evidence was photographed and otherwise documented. The tangible proof was compared to the recorded testimony of witnesses and survivors.

There are no easy answers. The objects collected do not demonstrate anomalous properties. Contrary to the testimony of witnesses and survivors, the objects are no longer "personalized" with the names of the victims and are often somewhat different than described. These differences appear to be the result of altered reality and are not hallucinatory in nature.

Coming to any meaningful conclusions about Entity 123 is a challenge. Physical creatures such as Plague Goblins, Skin-Stealers, and Phobic Centipedes can be located with effort, observed, and, if necessary, killed. Spectral entities do not offer humans such luxuries.

Anne Dunne is currently employing clairvoyance and psychometry to level the playing field. Psychometry (or token-object reading) is the ability to discover facts about events or persons by touching inanimate objects somehow associated with them. It is a form of extrasensory perception, or ESP. Her talents are amazing.


Team "Epiphany" is tasked with investigating the recent death of one M.E.G. official and the disappearance of one of their cartographers. Psychometry wins the day.

Main Hall (Level 5) - Without hesitation, Anne Dunne walks straight to an oil painting of a man fishing. The brass nameplate on the frame reads "Catch and Release." According to the records held in Rhinehart's possession, this was the exact spot where the mangled body of the M.E.G. official from Outpost "House Keeping" was discovered, although all stains from the carnage are gone. The following is a transcript from Dunne's token-object reading of the painting:

(Anne runs the purple fingers of her right hand along the gilded frame, never touching the actual painting, and stops at the nameplate. There is no dust.) A name is now here, Benjamin Warner, on the nameplate … Ben is puzzled. (Anne begins to breathe heavily and stiffens.) The fisherman is moving … He looks like Ben … His eyes are fire! … He's climbing out of the painting … Ben can't speak … Ben can't move! …So many teeth … Too many teeth! (Dunne places both hands on the painting and says, "Let me see you for once, fiend.") The entity is darkness without form … I see it feed … I feel the the slow tearing of flesh and hear the crushing of bone … This is not about nourishment … This is about inflicting pain and torture … About vengeance … About the bloodline. (This is like all of the others. These attacks are not random, not by chance. Once again, there is purpose here.)

One Lonely Grave (Level 710) - The ruins of an abandoned cabin are discovered about half a day's walk from Harbinger Lake (formerly Harbinger Arch). A single gravestone is found at the base of a hill, fifty meters from the cabin. The weathered headstone is poured from concrete and decorated with colorful pebbles, with the name written upon it while the cement was still wet. The deceased is "Elena Lopez - Wife and Mother." Clairvoyance has led the M.E.G Team "Epiphany" to this gravesite and the gruesome remains atop the settler's grave. Papers identify the man as the missing M.E.G. cartographer. Dunne kneels opposite the body and begins her token-object reading of the grave marker:

The grave is unkept and the obscured stone reads "Alex Mars—" Alex clears the weeds and freezes on all fours … The stone reads Alex Marshall - Cartographer … Bony hands burst from the ground and seize his arms … A rotting female face with glowing eyes and a shark's mouth sprouts from the grave and laughs … It boasts that it found another name … Such hatred and arrogance. (Dunne breaks off the reading early and says softly, "I know its true name.")

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Say the "true name" of the entity three times.
  • Tell the entity, "We do not suffer your evil here."


  • Say the "true name" of Entity 123 in jest.
  • Dare this entity to appear.

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