Entity 121 - The Bone Thieves
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Entity Number: 121


The majority of levels, as long as some sort of solid ground is present for them.


A digital recreation of the entity.


Entity 121, better known as Bone Thieves, are massive, potato-shaped beings with bumpy, sickly, yellow skin, that is practically impervious to all manmade forms of weaponry. Excluding highly technological items outside of the Backrooms, such as nuclear weapons.


The Bone Thieves are stationary predators that rely on their ability to mimic the noises of both humans and entities to draw prey near and make them boneless. Their anatomy hasn't been properly examined to decipher how the Bone Thief can mimic so accurately. It is theorized that these entities must possess a highly developed larynx and temporal lobe to remember and utilize various voices.

How their prey becomes boneless upon meeting their gaze is unknown. Where and what happens to the bones during and after removal is equally a mystery. The removal of their prey's bones is impossibly swift and clean.

What is noted is that their bone-thieving powers can only be focused on one individual, therefore someone can see their eyes, as long as they're not the one having their bones be removed.


Bone Thieves possess a large, gaping mouth that houses its eyes. The flesh within its maw is slick, colored hauntingly close to Vantablack as any texture definition cannot be viewed. This entity's jaw strength is immense, without any gum line or teeth to chew through, it must stick to a strict, no-bone diet. The two orifices on the sides of its head ooze a sort of liquid that helps keep its skin moist; which has a distinctive blue hue.

When a Bone Thief makes a kill, it will extend its "neck" to reach out and slurp up the boneless corpse. Thereby implicating that this entity has some form of inner structure.

Bone Thieves have never been observed to defecate or urinate. However, they have been observed regurgitating items that cannot be digested, such as articles of clothing, bags, or other manmade objects.

When a Bone Thief is done feeding, their skin turns to a duller hue and they close their mouths. Thereby nullifying their bone-thieving capabilities for at least a week as they digest their last meal.


Bone Thieves were first encountered by a wanderer whilst on a scavenging mission with another wanderer in Level 4. At one point during their stroll, the pair came across an instance of Entity 121. The wanderer who told the story was unaffected, but their friend did not survive the encounter.

The entity was stated to seamlessly remove the other wanderer's bones without a single sound being made, leaving the visually unharmed corpse of the wanderer boneless and without support. The body fell to the ground, and the Bone Thief scooped the body up, closing its jaw as soon as the body was fully consumed. At this point, the wanderer who told the tale fled the scene, fearing the same fate for themselves.

Additional Info:

Although rare, Bone Thieves are capable of minimal movement and will migrate when they feel that their current territory will not sustain them. Their approximate speed can be compared to that of a lethargic sloth.

It is theorized that the victim's bones are teleported to a different dimension when being removed. Although no evidence has been brought forth to support this claim.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Keep a safe distance.
  • If a Bone Thief comes into view, step out of its line of sight as fast as you can.
  • Be critical of what noises you hear. Bone Thieves rely on mimicking noise and will often repeat these sounds in a loose pattern.


  • Do not make eye contact. Keep your gaze low, and move past them.
  • Do not disturb them, even if their mouth is closed.

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