Entity 119 - "Volpes"
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A volpe spotted in 135.

Entity Number: 119

Habitat(s): - Level 135, Level 118, Level 140, and Level 205

The Volpe lives in levels 135, 118, 140, and 205, and possibly other forest-like levels.


At a distance, the Volpe (named after the Corsican word for fox) seems to just be a normal fox. However, getting closer will reveal a second tail and an abnormally long snout.


Volpes are hostile towards wanderers and will try to eat you if they see you nearby. However, if one is wounded, tired, or handicapped in any way, it will do its best to avoid conflict. It may be possible to tame a Volpe, as they are essentially the same as foxes, but this has never been attempted.

In order to protect themselves from low temperatures, Volpes create dens in the ground, much like Frontrooms foxes. However, these dens have multiple levels of rudimentary security, such as large piles of twigs that make a sound when an intruder tries to come in. Volpe dens have lots of branching and interconnecting tunnels, which Volpes have been observed collapsing behind them in order to block predators. There also seems to be a sort of food stash hidden in the back of the den, so they rarely have to worry about going hungry.


The Volpe has evolved a large snout for sniffing out prey. It can also distinguish between wanderers and hostile entities, which is crucial for survival in its habitat. At the time of this article's creation (10/10/2020), it is not known what the dual tails are used for.

Volpe fur is extremely thick and warm, causing a large market to be built around it. A single Volpe pelt can go for up to 20 bottles of Almond Water. A few aspiring businesspeople have started making entire clothing brands around Volpe fur, but environmentalists are afraid that this hunting may cause Volpes to go extinct.


The Volpe was first photographed by Aether48 on a search for supplies in Level 135. However, the camera flash alerted the Volpe to his presence, and it nearly tore off his arm.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Give the Volpe plenty of space.


  • Attempt to approach one.
  • Make eye contact.

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